Windowsill la

"Your pants have a hole, my seat neighbor in the office on monday noticed immediately. Very attentive. As if I didn’t already have that when I put on the jeans "brand cheap purchase" noticed in the morning. My toe finally got caught in it and briefly threw me off balance. This beige dress already gave me a glimpse of my naked thigh when I bought it. One of those modern trends where fathers lose all understanding.

I was able to answer my colleague with conviction: "that’s the way it should be." I told him about my expensive levi’s jeans, which fit like a dream and which, according to the saleswoman, should only be washed when they stretch out – and not when they are dirty. She was just exceptionally in the wash. The only one i ever wore with enthusiasm, precisely because it triumphed without rip or hole. Until yesterday. A photo opportunity shortly before the end of the working day brought about a turnaround. Now i am not happy about the tightness of the pants anymore. Once in the knees and "ratchet"! Yes, now even good levi’s has a hole in it!

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