Why the inner pig dog is also important

Why the inner pig dog is also important

"I also eat a schnitzel once in a while", defends itself one against the statement that the "fit life-style" some people’s nerves. No one has to justify himself for living a healthy life. "With fries!" Is good. But it’s just as okay to let your inner bastard win out now and then. It protects us from making an ideology out of food and exercise, from subordinating everything to the pursuit of a better, healthier, happier self.

No fitness stress!

"You don’t have to be perfect." Nadine schlaug got to the heart of the matter when she spoke a few weeks ago in our series "fit in franken" tells how she managed to lose 20 kilos. Model-mabe has it nevertheless not. Does not want them either. She wants to feel good – and the feel-good weight originates in the head. Fitness is the basis for a good life, it should not be a stress factor. "People are confronted with completely different stresses and strains every day, family and work are in the foreground, sport runs alongside", explains sports psychologist heiko ziemainz from the university of erlangen. The point is to actively recover, to relax from everyday life.
Anyone who tried out some of the tips on sports and nutrition during the eight weeks of the fitness series, who exercised and had fun, won – even if the fitness goal set in week one was not quite reached and the pig dog sometimes had the upper hand. No need to reproach yourself and resign yourself! "If you haven’t reached your goal, you should just set a new one", ziemainz says. If it did not work out to lose as many kilos as planned, if the increase in performance turned out to be less than hoped for – it will work out in the next run-up. Just be a little more relaxed with it!

Active relaxation

Fitness doesn’t work without rest and relaxation. Anyone who has problems with this can learn it systematically. The appropriate courses are often even subsidized by the health insurance companies. "However, not everyone is amenable to every method", says bamberger sports therapist julia derbfub. She has made the experience, that mannerists for example have problems with fantasy or mental journeys. A method that, according to derbfub, works for most people is progressive (sectional) muscle relaxation. The muscles are first tensed up and then loosened up. For example, you can start by clenching your hand into a fist – hold the tension and then suddenly relax the muscles. The exercise is repeated several times, then the next largest muscle group is the forearms and upper arms, then the neck, back and so on, until even the fibers are relaxed. "It is physiologically easy to relax if you have previously tensed the muscles", explains thebfub. With regular practice, the method also helps to relax in everyday situations.

Power of thought and mindfulness

Martin meichelbeck, sports director of spvgg greuther furth, recommends the body scan method. As a psychologist and ex-professional, the man from bamberg knows all about the power of thoughts and feelings. What takes the pressure off professional soccer players also works for most ordinary people: gradually, the various areas of the body from the pigeons to the head are mindfully spurred. While noticing how the lower back feels, for example, the thoughts and feelings that arise are generally met with an accepting attitude. Breathing is also important. "Breathing is in any case the element that allows the body to relax the fastest", says meichelbeck.
Autogenic training is also a popular method of relaxing the body and mind through the power of thought. However, the body parts are addressed consciously. Just as the muscles react to the idea of lifting the arm, it also works the other way around: telling yourself several times and imagining that the arm is heavy causes the arm to feel heavy. The muscles relax, and with the various, systematically structured exercises, the whole body – and the head.

Passive relaxation

Ideally, this can also be done the old-fashioned way: passive relaxation means doing nothing today. Laying on the bed, listening to music, reading the newspaper, looking out the window, maybe drinking a coffee, even if it’s not as healthy as a green tea. To whistle on the optimization of the body and to declare the current state to be a comfortable weight. To relax, to sleep late, to be lazy sometimes. Sometimes helps more in the search for the better me than all the dogged work on oneself. The inner pig-dog saves us from the "passive relaxation" to completely unlearn.

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