When delicate hands pull trucks in lichtenfels

When delicate hands pull trucks in lichtenfels

When four delicate female hands pull a powerful truck, a miracle has happened. This was the miracle experienced by the spectators at the trucker festival on sunday at the schutzenanger in lichtenfels. The "pink sock" clinic clowns and "kaala" easily moved the 8.5 ton ungetum with 460 hp at the finale of the competition "pull the strolch".

They didn’t win, but the hearts of the many captains of the landstrabe. Half a dozen of them pushed the colossus with hannah benjamin at the wheel, initially invisible to the public. This is how the clinic clowns explain the miracles they perform again and again when they visit the seriously ill.

The competition was decided by the "seven dwarfs" from fulda for himself with 25 seconds over a distance of 50 meters. Also the local teams, among them the strong women and men of the organizer "franken-strolche", achieved respectable performances.

Correct sitting posture important

A topic often ignored by long-distance drivers is relaxed driving. The movement specialist of the AOK coburg, frank schnabel, made an interesting contribution to the event. "Driving a truck means sitting a lot and moving very little. It’s all about the neck and the back. Small exercises and the right sitting posture help with tension", he noted. On long stretches at the wheel you can relax your muscles with simple exercises.

For this purpose he took some riders in front of the stage and performed some exercises with them. Also the audience in the biergraten was invited to participate. "Pull your shoulders up briefly during the ride, or press your back into the seat", advised schnabel. The muscles are tensed for ten seconds and then released. It stimulates the blood circulation. The danger of becoming tense while driving is even greater than, for example, at the workplace. The driver can’t move freely, has to concentrate, and as a result cramps his legs, neck, shoulders and lumbar spine. In addition, the spine is compressed by the constant vibrations when driving. However, the relaxation measures had narrow limits, because traffic safety could not be disregarded.

Allowing health breaks

Schnabel appealed to companies to allow their drivers to take health breaks, for example at rest stops or in truck parking lots. The shortcoming there is the unhealthy air caused by exhaust fumes. He suggested creating exits at parking lots so that the drivers could do their exercises away from the street.

Sunday began with a morning service in the beer garden. Trucker chaplain and moderator, norbert jungkunz, used the new trucker bible "ontour" for this purpose. This was followed by a round table discussion on sensitive topics such as driving times and the sunday driving ban.

Borderline experiences with the "blind spot" campaign were exchanged in the afternoon. Every year, an average of 28 cyclists die in germany because truck drivers fail to see them when turning. But there are long ways to significantly reduce the danger. On average, 3200 collisions between trucks and cyclists are reported annually by the german insurers’ accident research association (UDV). Over 40 percent of all accidents between trucks and cyclists could be prevented by an electronic turn-off assistant. If the turn-off assistant detects a cyclist, a yellow warning light is switched on on the passenger side.

Final road show

If there is a risk of collision, a red light flashes and an audible warning signal is also emitted. However, the driver must then brake himself; there is no automatic emergency braking function. At the end of the trucker festival, there was a road show and the winners of the "pull the rascal" competition were presented with their trophies in the town hall hand over.

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