Trump orders us to pull out of syria

Trump orders us to pull out of syria

The u.S. Has begun withdrawing its soldiers from syria. Announced by the weibe house in washington on wednesday. Now begin the next phase of this mission.

U.S. President donald trump himself wrote on twitter regarding the terrorist organization islamic state (IS): "we have defeated IS in syria, that was the only reason to be there during the trump presidency."

Five years ago, IS was a very powerful and dangerous force in the middle east, according to a statement from trump spokeswoman sarah sanders. "The u.S. Has now defeated the territorial caliphate." This does not mean, however, that the global coalition in the fight against IS or its campaign has ended.

Earlier, the "wall street journal" and several other U.S. Media outlets had reported the intentions. Trump made the decision tuesday and instructed the defense department accordingly, CNN reported, citing pentagon sources. According to the wall street journal, allies in the region have already been briefed. Immediately after the reports were made public, massive criticism came from within the country itself. "Really?", republican congressman adam kinzinger wrote on twitter. "Iran is already rejoicing."

Syria expert charles lister said in a statement released wednesday that trump’s decision is a "dream scenario" not only for IS, but also for russia, iran and the government of syrian president baschar al-assad. The IS had claimed responsibility for an attack as recently as wednesday. "While not entirely surprising, president trump’s decision to execute a military withdrawal is extremely short-sighted and naive," writes lister, who is director of counterterrorism at the middle east institute in washington.

The U.S. Is at the forefront of an international coalition fighting the IS terrorist militia in syria. Its main ally in the civil war country is the kurdish militia YPG, which leads the syrian democratic forces (SDF) there. For a long time, kurdish fighters were considered one of the few ground forces in syria reliable to the west. In syria itself, the U.S. Has about 2,000 troops who are officially there to train and advise syrian opposition forces.

The SDF forces have captured a large part of the former territory of the IS and are continuing to fight the jihadists in the east of the country. For weeks, fighting has been underway near the border with neighboring iraq for one of the last IS bastions in the country. U.S. Supports SDF fighters with airstrikes. Experts, however, continue to believe that thousands of IS fighters are in syria, including in hard-to-reach desert areas.

A spokesman for the U.S. Department of defense had said as recently as tuesday that "the job is not done yet." However, there has been significant progress. There is close coordination with turkey. Syria’s neighbor israel calls the move a decision by the U.S. He was briefed in talks with trump and U.S. Secretary of state mike pompeo on monday and tuesday, israel’s prime minister benjamin netanyahu said wednesday. Israel will observe the course of events and the implications and in any case preserve the security and ability to defend its own country.

The jihadists now control only a small area of syria, but they are still active, as they were in iraq. IS cells focus on attacks. Observers warn – quite contrary to the publicly proclaimed assessment of donald trump – that IS is far from being defeated.

After a withdrawal of U.S. Troops, the way could be cleared for a new turkish military offensive," the republican congressman wrote. The government in ankara has long threatened another operation against the YPG. Only last week, turkish president recep tayyip erdogan announced an offensive, and on monday he announced military readiness. In his words, turkey wants to take action to "save" the people there "from the separatist terrorist organization" YPG.

Trump and erdogan spoke on the phone last week and met in person in early december on the sidelines of the G20 summit in buenos aires. As recently as tuesday, the pentagon gave the green light for turkey to buy a patriot air defense system worth $3.5 billion, according to u.S. Media reports.

However, the U.S. Has declared that it strongly rejects any further military offensive by turkey against kurdish troops. "A unilateral military offensive in northeastern syria from any side is very concerning, especially since u.S. Troops could be there or nearby," a pentagon spokesman said. In addition, U.S. Troops set up observation posts in northern syria.

Turkey sees the YPG as an offshoot of the banned kurdish workers’ party PKK and is therefore fighting them. In spring, turkish troops and allied rebels in northwestern syria had already conquered the region around the city of afrin from the kurds.

The kurds have established a self-autonomy in the north and east of syria. They have a tense relationship with the syrian government. Damascus rejects kurdish autonomy efforts and insists on its sovereignty. Recently, however, there had been cautious attempts at acceptance. These could be strengthened if the U.S. Troops withdraw completely from syria. During the turkish attack on afrin last spring, the syrian government symbolically sent troops to support the kurds.

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