Trump after election advance: “does not want a postponement”

Trump after election advance: 'does not want a postponement'

Was it just a diversionary maneuver or a serious consideration?? U.S. President donald trump has indicated after resistance to his push for a possible postponement of the election in november, not to want a delay.

"I don’t want a postponement," said trump on thursday (local time) at a press conference at the weiben house in response to a question to that effect.

At the same time, he explicitly renewed his fear that there could be electoral fraud because of an increase in the number of votes. Against this background, he had previously openly raised the question of a delay of the election on twitter. Leading congressmen from trump’s republican party were prompted to point out that a federally scheduled election had never been postponed and would be held on 3. November as planned.

The hurdles for a postponement of the presidential election are extremely high, because the date is fixed by law since 1845. A change by the U.S. Congress was needed, which could be challenged in the courts. Moreover, there were only a few weeks to be won that way. Because the rest of the timetable is written into the constitution, making it even more rigid: the start date for the new congress is 3. January and the presidential inauguration on 20. January.

Because of the corona pandemic, the brieahl in the u.S. Could increase, thus delaying the payout. Trump considers election by letter fraudulent. With this in mind, he wrote on twitter on thursday: "postpone election until people can vote properly, worry-free and safely???" He later wrote, election results must be available that night, "not days, months or even years later!". In some states, mailing brieahl paperwork on election day is enough.

Asked about trump’s ambivalent statements, weiben house spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany pointed out on friday that trump had already said he didn’t want a postponement and wanted the 3. November as a good date.

"Never in the history of this country, through wars, depressions and the civil war, have we ever not held a federally scheduled election on point," trump’s republican majority leader in the u.S. Senate, mitch mcconnell, told local station WNKY in his home state of kentucky on thursday (local time). The election will be held as scheduled on. November will be.

The leading republican in the house of representatives, kevin mccarthy, said he shared trumps concerns that a widespread brieahl could lead to problems. "But never in the history of federal elections have we ever not held an election," mccarthy said.

The leader of the U.S. House of representatives, democrat nancy pelosi, referred on twitter to the U.S. Constitution, which states that congress is responsible for the election date. Ex-president barack obama urged americans to vote. "Few elections have been as important in many ways as this one," obama said thursday at a funeral service for the late civil rights leader and democratic congressman john lewis.

Trump’s controversial tweet came shortly after the release of historically poor economic data for the second quarter. As a result of the corona crisis, the U.S. Economy has collapsed at an unprecedented rate, according to reports on thursday. The pandemic has robbed trump of his most important argument for re-election: a booming economy. On wednesday there had already been another hiobs message. Since the start of the corona pandemic, more than 150 people have died in connection with the covid-19 disease.000 people in the u.S.

Democratic senator tom udall wrote on twitter that the president’s tweet was only intended to distract from his "incompetence" in the corona crisis. However, the fact that trump is bringing a postponement into play at all is a serious attack on the democratic process.

ACLU civil rights organization says: "we are a democracy, not a dictatorship". The constitution authorizes congress to set an election date, and congress has set that date for november. Nothing president trump says, does or tweets can change this fact." Historian and presidential expert michael beschloss wrote on twitter that never in the history of the u.S. – not even in the civil war or world war ii – has there been a successful push to delay the presidential election.

In election polls, trump is currently well behind the u.S. Democrats’ presidential nominee, joe biden. Even if these results must be interpreted with extreme caution because of the complicated electoral system and the fact that the election is three months away, trump is under pressure.

Trump has so far provided no evidence for his claims of voter fraud, but continues to raise concerns. Most election experts believe that brieahl is basically safe – even if a change in the voting mode due to the pandemic just a few months before the vote poses a rough challenge.

The democrats, on the other hand, consider the brieahl as an option, because it will possibly allow more of their supporters to vote and will also reduce the health risk in the pandemic. Democrats accuse trump of trying to use his dire warnings as justification to influence the outcome of the presidential election on 3. November not to recognize. In a recent interview, trump left open the question of whether he would accept an electoral defeat.

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