To sinter terraces and rocks

To sinter terraces and rocks

To maintain and preserve the cultural heritage and the beauty of the countryside, to create, maintain and mark hiking trails, so that the hiker always has a sense of safe guidance. This was the goal of the members of the french switzerland club eggolsheim around chairman leo schilling. Therefore, the expansion and maintenance of the network of hiking trails is a special concern for them.
Thus, the committed members have published a hiking map of the almost 50-kilometer-long circular route, which includes all parts of the market. A red ring, in the center the eggolsheimer coat of arms, is the marking. Paths marked with a yellow ring represent shortcuts. Six circular hiking trails with a length of between 4.5 and 11.5 kilometers were created. An overview board with the community loop trail is right next to the town hall. Ten more information boards are to follow in each of the villages. A corresponding application for subsidy of this 27 000 euro expensive mabnahme lies with the government of upper franconia.
14 local hiking maps are to inform nature lovers about the hiking possibilities in and around eggolsheim. Hiking guide fritz sitzmann has already scouted out 50 locations for the 145 signposts.
"We are a hiker's paradise explains sitzmann, because there are no less than 180 kilometers of marked hiking trails in eggolsheim, including the long-distance trails. Next year comes with the "seven rivers" trail, the one from hersbruck to scheblitz leads another one.

Refreshment at the source

"Simply wonderful" schwarmt sitzmann, while he takes a sip of spring water with his hand at heiligbrunnl. At the sources of the eggerbach beautiful sinter terraces have formed. "A unique natural spectacle thinks club leader leo schilling, who can't get enough of the rugged rock formations on the ascent from tiefensturmig through the fahrental valley to the kautschenberg mountain.
At a fork in the road, the local friends, who have received support from jurgen hunnemeyer, chief guide of the french-swiss association, from kauernhofen, are left standing helplessly. There is no indication of how to get further along the trail. "Vandalism" laments hunnemeyer.
Again and again it happens that the markings are removed wantonly. In this case, the torn out posts with the clues are found in a thicket next to the trail. The hikers immediately repair the damage, but at the same time appeal to the common sense of the landowners and hunters, who sometimes do not like to see hikers in the open countryside. That is why we are looking for dialogue explains leo schilling.

Pure nature

On the further way towards drugendorf on a forest path bordered by ferns, there are also traces of other users. "The riders don't cause us any problems, confirms fritz sitzmann. Wild boars wallowing at a spring outlet on the road do more damage than that. A few hundred meters further a tree lying crosswise blocks the way. "A case for the path keeper", sitzmann makes a note of this construction site.
Shortly after, a blooming forest meadow with its sparse vegetation captivates the hikers' gaze before they stumble onto rock cellars just before the forest ends. A table and a rotten bench remind us that the hiker once gained strength here.

Internet platform missing

But so the nature lovers from eggolsheim first stop at the inn forst in drugendorf. Here schilling once again emphasizes the importance of hiking maps. 32 percent of the hikers preferred this source of information. But 62 percent used the internet when preparing a hike. That's why this platform is becoming increasingly important. Leo schilling, wegewart sitzmann and jurgen hunnemeyer are thinking of an internet portal based on the concept of the district of forchheim "hiking trail cultural experience of french switzerland oriented. The people of eggolsheim have also noted on their hiking maps cultural attractions and places to stop for refreshments – symbolized by a beer mug.
This service appreciated the hikers, female hunnemeyer, responsible for quality hiking trails according to the criteria of the german hiking association. A corresponding application has therefore already been made to the main french switzerland association.

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