The thurnau fitness hullabaloo

The thurnau fitness hullabaloo

Fitness mania has broken out in thurnau? That's what some people wondered when they heard that two studios were opening in the immediate vicinity of the plant. Where and from what time you can train at guessed? Questions that have long been asked at the topferort.

Rent arrears, unpaid bills?

Review: more than a year ago gernot brecht, who owns the fitness chain "fit4topbody announced plans to set up a club in the former showrooms of the mobel pletl company. Nothing came of it. Why? Brecht explains that managing director birgit lorenz-pletl demanded that he adjust his opening hours to those of the mobelhaus. This is an unding, he already explained a long time ago. What birgit lorenz-pletl now denies. "His times had been completely independent of us." She speaks of a "very unprofessional" gym operator's actions, rent arrears and tradesmen's invoices that had not been settled. "I'm glad it was possible to announce the long-term contract."

Some have already paid

Sports enthusiasts who have already paid membership fees are also upset. Like the thurnauer bastian bergmann. 199 euros he paid brecht in cash, as he emphasizes – he could not train there. "I feel screwed, trying to get my money back." We were not able to ask gernot brecht about the latter accusation yesterday. It was not attainable.

Pletl was followed by edeka

To the surprise of many, he has not shelved his thurnau plan. In the fall, brecht announced that he would open his studio in the former edeka market – just a stone's throw away from pletl. Sports enthusiasts could train there from the end of november, he explained in a conversation with our newspaper. On "black friday" has been "top of the line advertised. However: you can't lift weights at christmas either. There is no sign of any remodeling in the building. And also the advertising poster on the parking lot has disappeared in the meantime.

Owner cancels rental agreement

The fact is: "fit4topbody will also not start at edeka. By mutual agreement, the lease agreement was allowed to expire because there were unforeseeable problems with the renovation, gernot brecht said this week. What the co-owner of the property, jurgen boneberger, sees completely different. "We had signed a rental contract with mr. Brecht after the audition looked very professional. But things have come up that have made further cooperation impossible. That is why we have cancelled the contract."

"Were only bubbles

That at "fit4topbody not everything is going smoothly, explain regina bezold (33) from alladorf and leon schenkendorf (21) from kulmbach. Both were to have started as employees of gernot brecht. "Nothing progressed. Our employer constantly found other excuses, such as delivery problems", says schenkendorf, who is a qualified fitness trainer. At some point, he and regina bezold had to realize "that the initial promises were only bubbles".

"Not a typical gym

It did not come to the employment relationship. Bezold and schenkendorf have now decided to open a gym themselves in the pletl property. The "T(h)urnfit gmbh" as ergo and sports therapist regina bezold emphasizes, "it will not be a typical gym but "a health and fitness studio with supervised training". Cafe and show kitchen on first floor to be incorporated into the concept. There could be nutritional counseling or cooking classes.

The next attempt?

Whether "T(h)urnfit" will get competition in thurnau? It does not seem impossible. Gernot brecht won't let up. For his "fit4topbody" he has-already planning the next property in sight. The former NKD store, which is again located in the immediate vicinity. Whether there will be a gym there? Many thurnau residents have serious doubts after the experiences of the last few months. So does brigitte soziaghi, who has been trying to work out for a good year now. At "fit4topbody" it did not come to fruition. The thurnauerin speaks of a very strange business behavior. She was not contractually bound. "I do not buy the cat in the bag."

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