The company reitz offers good prospects without outsourcing

the company reitz offers good prospects without outsourcing

Year after year the company reitz loses about 2000 customers. It sounds bad, but it is part of the company's strategy. "Who buys windows with us, we do not see only once 30 years more ", says stefan reitz, the manager of the medium-sized company in the eltmann business park directly near limbach.

Because windows are quite a durable product, even after 30 years not broken, but that's about the time span, after which windows are considered "no longer zeitgemab" in both technical and material terms, explains stefan reitz. For his company, this means in plain language: "we have to start anew every year and acquire 2000 new customers."

The window maker feeds himself lazily. Especially if the customers are predominantly from the private sector, for whom no industrial mass-produced goods are manufactured that are sold in large numbers to intermediaries. At reitz, every sale of windows or doors is preceded by a consultation meeting, where precise planning is carried out, (special) customer requirements are taken into account, and everything from production to installation is handled by the company itself. And that with an annual production capacity of 41,000 units for windows alone.

Windows and (house) doors, that's not even all that the eltmanns produce on 15000 square meters of production area. The name reitz is commonly associated only with window construction, says stefan reitz. But there is more behind it: reitz also builds furniture, cakes, conservatories and does interior fittings.

A specialty are also facades in mullion-transom construction. Craftsmanship, everything from a single source – this is the motto with which the company wants to convince its customers. And the strategy works, even if it involves a lot of effort: "there are not many manufacturers like us who produce for the private sector", says reitz.

The reason for this is obvious: it is more than difficult to attract 2000 new customers every year (this is how many the company needs to be profitable in its rough order). To create an individual product for each customer, to take care and to offer good service is hard work.

Reitz manufactures everything on site in eltmann. Outsourcing? No way. No ready-made cake parts are bought from a sample booklet and assembled, no window frames are ordered wholesale or conservatory kits from other manufacturers are used. Even delivery and installation at the customer's site is done by reitz, for this we have our own fleet of vehicles and appropriate assemblers. "All products, auber sun shades, are manufactured in our house", says reitz.

This finally pays off. On the one hand, reitz has a good reputation in the industry, the name stands for quality, and potential customers notice this, whether through recommendations from construction managers who have had good experiences with the eltmanners, or through word-of-mouth propaganda among the end consumers themselves. On the other hand, the company is very flexible due to its high degree of independence and can react quickly to current market trends.

Stefan reitz gives an example. In the area of windows, the company works with plastic, wood and the combination of wood and aluminum, since products made of these materials are most in demand. The same is true for the house doors, and we also produce pure aluminum doors. If now suddenly also aluminum windows were demanded, one could adjust the production within 14 days to it.

The company's flexibility also pays off in terms of the type of production: if there are special requirements, such as work on listed buildings, reitz can quickly adapt its production accordingly.
Flexibility also includes short delivery times. In three to four weeks, the company wants to have the products at the customer's site. Customers appreciate it. Even if they don't show their faces again for another 30 years.

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