The coburg region discusses the “out” for jamaica

the coburg region discusses the 'out' for jamaica

Negotiations had been going on for four weeks in berlin, and jamaica seemed within reach. Hans michelbach already had a "good wire" to FDP leader christian lindner and to anton hofreiter (grune) developed, as he says. Dr coburg CSU member of the bundestag was always present at the exploratory talks when the topic was the economy.
"There were many difficult issues", says hans michelbach now in review. But: "an agreement seemed to me to be within reach on sunday evening", emphasizes michelbach "we had come a long way". All the more he regrets "that the will to persevere and reach a consensus was not enough for a positive result in the end". The reasons for this are "difficult to grasp" for him. The uncertainty that has now arisen is "not good for our country". Michelbach demands: "we must do everything we can now to establish clarity about further developments." But how could the "further development" look?

Noon: new elections as an opportunity

Martin mittag, the district chairman of the coburg-land CSU, does not believe in a minority government. "That would not be good for the country", he says: "in new elections there is a chance to bring back dissatisfied voters." But that would require a change at the top of the CSU. Noon was wishing for a minister-president markus soder. If new elections were to be held, there would be no reason to send a direct candidate other than hans michelbach into the race.

Hollein: difficult from the start

"It was clear from the start that it would be difficult", comments carsten hollein, chairman of the SPD coburg-land, on the failure of the exploratory talks. Hollein doesn’t think a minority government that has to look for new majorities on a case-by-case basis is a likely solution. The result of new elections is, in his opinion, "difficult to estimate" and therefore and therefore also holds risks.

Jacobi: everything still open

Peter jacobi of the FDP does not want to bury a coalition of four parties quite yet: "for me, the jamaika project is not dead yet", he says. Broken-off negotiations could be resumed. Without knowing the reasons of the FDP politicians involved in the negotiations that led them to pull out, he had wished for a continuation of the talk. "As long as talks are still going on, nothing has been decided," he says, he states. With the appropriate stubbornness, something could have been achieved, he is convinced. And the time pressure had not been so rough yet.

Hahnlein: now new elections

Rene hahnlein (die linke) calls for new elections in view of failed talks. "Angela merkel failed miserably in her attempt to form a black-yellow-green government. FDP’s staging was laughable and embarrassing. But the country has been spared a lot by the failure of the black-green-yellow traffic light", he writes in a release and is convinced, among other things, that the desired coalition would not have raised the minimum wage and would not have banned permanent employment contracts.

Boldt: new elections? I’d rather not!

"New elections are one of the most stupid things you can try to do. We can’t keep voting until we like the results, says rene boldt, the district chairman of the CSU coburg-city. The democratic parties are now called upon to get their act together "if the SPD thinks it has to buck," he says. According to the CSU, this excludes the parties of the left and the afd, so that it would come down to black-yellow-green again. Boldt thinks little of a minority government under union leadership. "I lack the imagination. Germany’s weight is too great for it to be possible to pull it off with a minority government." Boldt’s ironic conclusion: "the next few weeks will not be without suspense."

Herbert: not again in 2013

The chairman of the coburg district association of the free democratic party (FDP) suspects that his party’s negotiators did not see any chance of achieving the goals with which they entered the election campaign. It was only logical "after the experiences of 2013", not to negotiate at all. In 2013, the FDP was no longer elected to the bundestag after entering into a coalition with the union. The FDP negotiators were certainly willing to compromise, says herbert. "Otherwise the four weeks of talks could have been saved." The fact that federal president frank-walter steinmeier now wants to initiate new language is certainly worth a try. Herbert does not want to rule out a minority government from the outset either. It was "with certainty" the parliament strong, but then also someone had to be chancellor who can find majorities. "I found it a highly interesting attempt. In local and state politics, it’s all about stability."

Sourdough: groko not feasible

Stefan sauerteig, chairman of the coburg branch of the SPD, also considers a minority government to be fundamentally worth considering. Union and FDP were for it the natural partners. A rough coalition is ruled out by sauerteig: a social democratic policy is not feasible there. And if the FDP is already claiming that it will stay out of a coalition in which it cannot realize its political goals, then that applies all the more to the SPD.

Benzel-weyh: much yielded

Martina benzel-weyh, leader of the grunen faction in the coburg city council, can "fully understand" the SPD’s opposition stance. But a minority government is not what the electorate wants either. "We need stability." However, it was also questionable whether the green party had agreed to everything that the negotiators in berlin had already promised for a possible jamaika alliance.

Aschenbrenner: pure tactics?

Doris aschenbrenner, the SPD’s candidate for the bundestag in coburg-kronach, does not want to think about possible new elections yet. However, she is firmly opposed to a resumption of the rough coalition. "This was clearly against the will of the voters." However, in a post on facebook, she also raises the suspicion that it could be a tactical maneuver on the part of the FDP: "maybe the behavior of lindner’s FDP is a running away in defiance, so that muddi will give in tomorrow and there will be french fries again instead of broccoli. Or maybe it’s a clever tactic to achieve one’s own goals."

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