The art symbiosis has established itself

The art symbiosis has established itself

Thomas pfarr is a realist. "Half of the visitors come because of the house, the other half because of the gallery and the house." But: "it is incredibly well received." The "gallery pfarr in the heimatspielhaus" the inauguration of the house three months ago, following its extensive renovation by the "future for the home playhouse" association, is a real success has been opened. Since then, countless visitors have visited the building and the gallery. Most of them come from munnerstadt and the surrounding area. Thomas pfarr is also pleased that art lovers, art collectors and art lovers from other counties and districts come to him. "Word is actually getting around, they are networking", says thomas pfarr. "This is a wonderful story."

Requests for cooperation

this networking is going so well that he has received requests for collaboration from galleries in fulda erlangen, mallorca and south africa. "Cobbler stick to your achievements", says the artist and gallerist about it. It is simply too early for that. At the moment he is simply concentrating on building up his gallery. He does not want to get bogged down. "I am overjoyed that it is going so well." The decision to open the gallery on sundays has proved to be an absolute stroke of luck. Then come especially many visitors. The concept of "modern art in an old building" is is incredibly well accepted.

Thomas pfarr is of course aware that his gallery was a bold venture. "You have to be a little crazy", he says. But: "my modest economic concept has paid off." Should heiben, he has also already sold something. Economically, he is satisfied, and he is thrilled with the number of visitors. He is not a clairvoyant for the future, "but I have a very, very good feeling.
Thomas pfarr has only been a gallery owner for a short time. He has been an artist and art lover for a long time. With the gallery, he wanted to offer modern artists an opportunity to sell something for once, too. "They can’t live on awards and accolades."

Immediately caught fire

schools were there and students. Workers, employers, welfare recipients and academics. The whole social cross-section. "For me it makes no difference. It’s just as interesting to talk to an amateur as it is to talk to an art expert." Thomas pfarr is fascinated by the different ways of looking at the same things. And never before has a visitor been upset about a work of art. It’s not uncommon for guests to complain because they’re not allowed to see the whole house. Thomas pfarr has rented almost the entire first floor, the upper floor is bookable for celebrations or is used for concerts and the like. Deliveries are made only on very specific days. That is why the members of the association "future for the home playhouse" are concerned.

Cooperation with the association is excellent. "I really have the feeling that I am welcome here." A good example: thomas pfarr rented the first floor and got the basement free of charge.

The chairman of the association martin kuchler is happy to return the praise. When he heard about the idea of presenting modern art in a listed building "i immediately caught fire", he says. It was clear to him that thomas pfarr would bring people to munnerstadt who would otherwise not come. And that is exactly what happened. "The cooperation is fantastic."

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