Some woods magic in comeback in florida

Some woods magic in comeback in florida

It almost seemed as if tiger woods’ serious car accident in los angeles almost ten months ago had never happened. When he and his twelve-year-old son charlie played eleven birdies in a row on the second day, a small golf championship was even within reach – but john daly and his son were two strokes better in the end.

Woods nevertheless grinned more broadly than ever before as the runner-up at the award ceremony – and was not shy about emphasizing how far he still was from playing golf at the highest level. "Even a few weeks ago, it was not clear whether we would have this opportunity," said the 15-time major winner. "And yet here we are and we’ve had a great time."

He has not yet been able to put full weight on his right leg, which was broken several times in the accident, and the speed of his golf swing is not nearly as fast as it used to be. "I made two or three good hits today that went exactly the way i wanted them to," woods said on saturday. He also still lacks a lot of stamina.

To spare the leg, woods joined his 14-year-old daughter sam and girlfriend erica in the golf cart after each shot and drove after his ball. Son charlie walked the golf course to fub. Despite all his ambitions, woods was obviously not interested in winning in florida, but only in the spab.

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