Seats on the suburban train – how to reserve them

Seats on the suburban train - how to reserve them

Since yesterday, seat reservations are also possible in the area of the nurnberg S-bahn network. The offer thus also applies to the S 1 line between nurnberg and bamberg. Initially, however, only railroad subscribers will be able to use this option. A seat will be reserved for them in special reservation zones. The offer can be booked for one year at a price of 40 euros. As a railroad spokesman explained, it is not yet possible to reserve a specific seat during the current test phase.

Soon also for single trips

After completion of this test phase, it will be possible to reserve a seat when buying a ticket for a single journey before the end of the year. According to bahn, this service should cost one euro per route and person.In the meantime, seat reservations can also be made on regional trains. A particularly interesting offer for train commuters. Such individual or permanent seat reservations are also possible on the mainfrankenbahn between wurzburg and bamberg and on the franken-thuringen-express between nurnberg and wurzburg or the franken-thuringen-express between bamberg and wurzburg. Between nurnberg and sonnefeld or jena saalbahnhof possible.

Interested railroad subscribers can register for a permanent reservation at the price of 40 euros with their subscription number and the end date of the subscription period at my-seat-regio.De register and choose the route, the departure time and the seat you want to take. Such a permanent reservation is valid from monday to friday.
In the regional trains are also single reservations for the price of one euro possible. Here the booking can be made at the vending machine by indicating the desired seat. At the moment, the railroad is not yet able to offer this service on all regional train routes. However, the reservation option on regional trains is to be expanded step by step.

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