Sambach wants to compete with veitshochheim

Sambach wants to compete with veitshochheim

The "heart leaf" candidates a flight with the helicopter beckoned in the romantic herrnsdorf. An atmospheric candlelight dinner awaited them there. "With the fendt it should go then with marvelous moonlight by the ebrachgrund, where they could admire the local christmas tree nurseries. The "herzblatt-show of the old men was one of the highlights at the prunksitzung of the sambach DJK sports club.

The huge hall of the wiesneth muhle was full to bursting on saturday evening. Is sambach the new french carnival stronghold? Will "the power from the brick mountain now in matters of fasenacht "the power in the ebrachgrund"? (carnival) prince michael (michael beck), as host, already flirted with competing with veitshochheim. He always advised his father – pommersfelden’s mayor hans beck – to build the new gymnasium after sambach, said the chief functionary of the carnival spectacle. Since this did not work out and the gym is now in pommersfelden, the wiesneth-muhle has been stepping in for years and makes its rough hall available to the fools.

At the countdown around 7 p.M., carnival fans from all over the municipality of pommersfelden "including their DSL outlying areas" were there and the whole ebrachgrund gathered. Michael beck had for the first time got support from wachenroth for the moderation in jasmin gumbrecht.

Red couch instead of council of eleven
in general, things were different at the fifth prunksitzung than in previous years: there was no longer a council of eleven or three, but a red couch, on the "prince michael parlayed with his guests. Gags and jokes were coming off his lips all the time. That he wrote the bestseller "shades of grey" his aunt for christmas has given, for example. "The uncle was enthusiastic!"

"The show must go on was the motto of this carnival party. The show actually went on, and it was perhaps even better than in previous years. The battle cry "sambach – helau, ziegelberg – helau, SV – helau" love the hall quake.

Chairman norbert handel can be proud of his troupe: the club had only hired two groups of its own, the garden from strullendorf and sassanfahrt. Everything else on, in front of and behind the stage was done by the association with about 150 actors and helpers from its own ranks. The dance and gymnastics groups have gained in routine and experience.

Traudl without marie
particularly popular elements of past years were not dispensed with this time either: traudl and marie, for example, who have been making their audience laugh since the first prunksitzung. However, holger wiesneth stood as "dorftratschen traudl" this time alone on the stage. "Marie is in schwabtal", he said. There they divide married men and singles apart.

Marie, alias matthias burkard, who was not present, was also responsible for the text this year. Of course, nothing that had happened in the village over the course of the year had escaped the attention of village councilor traudl. First there was the new meeting place, a "bankla" that was always occupied at the back of the castle wall with now obstructed view. Traudl knew everything and knew everyone – even guys like the "carotti" and the "spinati from "sambach-nord". And she knew all about the different types of men and how they behaved in the bedroom after a night of drinking. Thanks to traudl, it is now also known why the three wind turbines above muhlhausen were necessary: because the power supply caused problems at last year’s carnival meeting.

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