Prices for number portability when switching providers too high

Prices for number portability when switching providers too high

If customers want to take their old cell phone number with them when they change their cell phone provider, the companies ask them to pay for it.

Because the federal network agency considers these charges to be too high for many companies, the agency has initiated several proceedings. "We want to lower the hurdles for switching providers," a netzagentur spokesman told the deutsche presse agency. "Our approach is aimed at lowering charges across the entire market."

According to the law, consumers may only be charged for costs that are actually incurred when they switch providers. So far, some providers still charge up to 30 euros.

According to the will of the network agency, all mobile communications providers are to be charged the same amount by 20. April – as things stand, the agency considers a maximum fee of 6.82 euros to be appropriate. In the middle of february one had already requested all enterprises concerned to lower the prices.

"Many mobile providers are voluntarily lowering the porting fees," the network agency spokesman explained. "Against suppliers who have not agreed to a voluntary reduction, we have initiated a procedure."These include telefonica, 1&1 drillisch and several smaller mobile communications providers.

One wants to wait for the result of the procedure, it hieb of telefonica (O2). It must be ensured that all german mobile communications providers adhere to new porting fees, said a spokeswoman for the group. Currently, the switching fees for O2 customers are still 29.95 euros, and 24.95 euros for customers of the blau brand.

1&1 drillisch also currently charges different switching fees for its various brands, "but never more than a maximum of 29.95 euros". The company from montabaur wants to wait for an amendment to the telecommunications act before lowering prices. However, according to the network agency, the providers should be able to offer their services from the 20th. April already be obliged by the authorities to lower the fee. Otherwise, bub fines could be levied.

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