Pilgrims cycled to bamberg this time

pilgrims cycled to bamberg this time

For siegfried eyrich, the preparations for the next event of this kind have long since begun. "Next year will be the tenth pilgrimage by bicycle", says the organizer.
The goal is already set: to go to wurzburg in 2013. "Actually, I already know the route, but I will drive it again in the next few days, tells eyrich. Among other things, he is concerned with finding a suitable hotel that can accommodate all the participants. This time there were at least 80 burkardrother present. Eyrich could imagine making this stopover in retzbach.
The destinations for the bicycle pilgrimage all have one thing in common. "We want to cover about 80 kilometers during the day." Because the group is traveling for a total of three days, a one-way trip of about 120 kilometers comes into question. This is also how siegfried eyrich came to bamberg. By the time the believers can set off for wurzburg next year, the organizer will probably have traveled the route two more times, as he himself estimates.
This year, the pilgrimage was held under the motto "the bible as a source of strength". The motto traditionally accompanies pilgrims throughout the route. "On the road, we have about three stops a day", supplemented siegfried eyrich. There they are always dedicated to the guiding principle. The cyclists will be accompanied by two vehicles. Packing and catering are transported with it. And the instruments of the musicians who cycle along and also help to shape the pilgrimage. "We have the world's best bicycle pilgrimage chapel", says eyrich and laughs. Those who play an instrument bring it to the pilgrimage and participate in the musical performance.
With the blessing of the journey this year the pilgrims started in the church of frauenrother, where they also received the blessing of the journey. On the way several chapels and churches were visited: terzenbrunn, the churches in mainberg and habfurt, the bamberger cathedral, maria limbach and the church in arnshausen. The preparation team led by parish officer corinna zipprich used the concepts of faith, friendship, hope, joy, love and gratitude from the bible as the basis of short devotions. In bamberg, the entry into the cathedral was followed by "grober gott wir loben dich" ("great god, we praise you").
In addition to singing and praying, it is also the social evenings with music from the chapel that hold the church community together. This is especially important for a parish community like "the good shepherd in burkardroth", in which numerous individual communities are united. 

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