The company reitz offers good prospects without outsourcing

the company reitz offers good prospects without outsourcing

Year after year the company reitz loses about 2000 customers. It sounds bad, but it is part of the company's strategy. "Who buys windows with us, we do not see only once 30 years more ", says stefan reitz, the manager of the medium-sized company in the eltmann business park directly near limbach.

Because windows are quite a durable product, even after 30 years not broken, but that's about the time span, after which windows are considered "no longer zeitgemab" in both technical and material terms, explains stefan reitz. For his company, this means in plain language: "we have to start anew every year and acquire 2000 new customers."

The window maker feeds himself lazily. Especially if the customers are predominantly from the private sector, for whom no industrial mass-produced goods are manufactured that are sold in large numbers to intermediaries. At reitz, every sale of windows or doors is preceded by a consultation meeting, where precise planning is carried out, (special) customer requirements are taken into account, and everything from production to installation is handled by the company itself. And that with an annual production capacity of 41,000 units for windows alone.

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Hot music in the hayest city in germany

hot music in the hayest city in germany

Best summer weather, great music, a full place at the old mainbrucke: apparently kitzingen can really do it, at least as far as music festivals with former roughs from the city are concerned. The evening with four cult bands from earlier days on the former garden show grounds was a great success with over 2500 visitors and great music, not only for the organizers frank gimperlein and walter vierrether. Until one o'clock in the morning the visitors celebrated at the mainufer.

Grandchildren grooving in the audience

All in all, the bar was banging for more than seven hours at the open air, which became a kind of kitzingen classics meeting, not only for the musicians. Many people, who probably already danced to the music of the various bands in the 70s, 80s or 90s, listened to the sounds of the bands, partly in remembrance of those days. Many young people joined in to make the most of the glorious summer evening. Some of the musicians were even allowed to see their grandchildren grooving along in the audience.

After the success with the "wild times" in 2010 and another edition in 2013, walter vierrether had made contact with the bands again. The former court councillor admitted that it was a lot of fun for him to organize such a thing, now that he has more time for it as a pensioner. The selected music program was well received. "We wanted to put different styles together", he said about the groups.

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A lot of pig in the frankenhalle

A lot of pig in the frankenhalle

In the frankenhalle, fence after fence is closely lined up. Straw lies on the floor. On it the selected breeding pigs have made themselves comfortable. They were brought by their keepers to the christmas market of the producers’ and breeders’ association (EGZH) in dettelbach to be exhibited and sold. "The suppliers come from all over france", says georg winterstein, member of the advisory board of the EGZH and chairman of the lower frankonia pig breeders’ association.

In the center of interest are 14 pietraineber, which should be brought to the traditional auction to the man. "The pietraineber is the standard father of all german fattening pigs", erlautern winterstein.

The breed with pink skin and black spots is mainly used for meat production. The animals are not only very efficient and very productive in terms of meat production, but above all they are particularly stress-resistant. "They have the best facilities for breeding. From the genetic point of view, the watery schnitzel is history", notes the graduate agricultural engineer from dettelbach.

Winterstein himself does not offer any pietraineber at the auction, instead he presents two of his breeding sows to the expert audience. "A cross between a german landrace and a german noble pig", he says. Also a standard breed in pig breeding today. Winterstein appreciates them because they are very robust. "They also have very good mothering qualities and are very caring animals", he emphasizes. And like the pietraineber stress resistant, which benefits the quality of meat.

Recently, the interest in the auction has declined sharply. "The auction is increasingly taking a back seat. No auction planned for next year", reports the farmer.

Nevertheless, the christmas market will continue to be held in the franconian hall, because the exhibition offers an information platform for everyone involved in pig breeding and pig farming. "Markets are becoming increasingly rare", he describes the current trend in the industry.

This is essentially for structural reasons, explains wolfram rapps from the office for food, agriculture, and forestry in wurzburg. On the one hand, fewer boars are needed for breeding today than 15 years ago due to insemination stations. "The second reason is hygiene requirements", says rapps. Large farms, in particular, are no longer willing to take the risk of buying their expensive breeding animals on the market.

"We are not talking about any epidemics, but about simple illnesses such as the flu", adds the official who helped initiate the first christmas market more than 15 years ago.

That’s why pig farmers get the few animals they need directly from the breeder on the farm.
25 exhibitors from the pig production sector set up their stands at the christmas market, including the office for food, agriculture and forestry from wurzburg. Wolfram rapps is head of department at the pig breeding and husbandry office’s technical center. He is the official contact for all questions relating to pig production. "The technical center and its alliance partners accompany each individual production step all the way to the consumer,", he says.

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On ber, a (further) year of truth begins

on ber, a (further) year of truth begins

Next year, passengers will finally be able to check in at the scandalous BER airport. With a delay of nine years, the airport on the outskirts of berlin, which is worth billions, will open in october – according to the current schedule. But he will remain a construction site.

"BER is a growing airport," airport boss engelbert lutke daldrup told the german press agency. "By 2040, we will gradually create capacity for 55 million passengers a year."But the decisive steps towards the 2020 open must be taken this year.

Work is still going on in the main terminal, for example on the fire alarm systems and cables for emergency power and security lighting. Unpleasant surprises are no longer to be expected, lutke daldrup had recently assured. But he can only be sure when all the plants in the network are tested in summer. In the fall, the construction supervisor is to be notified of the completion of the project.

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Industry calls for relaxation of bureaucratic deadlines

Industry calls for relaxation of bureaucratic deadlines

"Even in normal times, companies can hardly cope with the numerous reporting, inspection and notification requirements," the deputy chief executive of the german chamber of industry and commerce (DIHK), achim dercks, told the newspaper "welt am sonntag". "In the current crisis, they can hardly be done if the politicians stick to the rigid deadlines for handing them in."

So the industry warns that tax, contribution or fee refunds could be forfeited, large bub fines imposed or investment licenses lapsed if companies miss government deadlines. However, the corona crisis prevented the timely processing, dercks said. There was a lack of employees to take care of these tasks.

The exemption from the EEG surcharge for energy-intensive companies alone amounts to a total of 5.5 billion euros – and is forfeited without a timely application, said dercks. The federal government must therefore "reach a general agreement with the federal states on the general non-application or postponement of the deadlines for information and reporting obligations of companies".

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No multiculturalism in weinberg for the time being

No multiculturalism in weinberg for the time being

Bleeding imagination had developed the iphof CSU local association by wanting to make the vineyards more colorful. Flowers and grasses should flourish between the vines, cultivated with a seed mixture paid for by the city and spread by local vintners. This was the motion on which the building committee had to decide on monday evening. For now, however, this floral multiculturalism has failed – due to a lack of a concept and, to some extent, probably also due to the resistance of the winegrowers, who had turned up in team strength in the council chamber.

The first step

Again and again the talk was of a "first small step". The president of the bavarian state institute for viticulture and horticulture (LWG), hermann kolesch, spoke of this; and also uwe matheus, who sits at the interface (or should we say: between the chairs) as CSU local chairman and commercial director of the coarse iphof winery. A small step for the winegrowers, a much bigger step for ecology – that was the idea behind the CSU proposal. But then came the appearance of kolesch. He said in his presentation that it was not enough to "sow a little blood mixture", "that is too short-sighted", a pure "alibi". The president wielded the crude organic club, spoke of "biodiversity" and "biodiversity strategy" – and left many winegrowers perplexed.

Small step is too rough for the vintners

For most, it seemed, the "small step" was too rough at this early stage. They felt the same as hansi ruck, the chairman of the winegrowers’ association. "I have to digest the many impressions first of all."His winemaker colleague werner emmerich stated: "in principle, it is the right approach to bring more color into the vineyards. Vineyards are a monoculture, after all.As with many, there was also a "but": too many questions unanswered. Do the winegrowers get compensation areas?? How quickly and (un)bureaucratically will the whole thing go over the stage??

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Gok anniversary: 50 years of control, regulation and help

Gok anniversary: 50 years of control, regulation and help

There are companies that hardly anyone knows about, even though their products are used on an almost daily basis. One such case is the market-wide GOK gmbh and co. KG. Their products ensure that users of oil and gas systems can safely use the combustible materials – whether at home in the tank and in the burner, whether during leisure time on the gas grill or on vacation in the mobile home.

GOK manufactures controllers and valves that control, monitor and, above all, safeguard the relevant plants. GOK is proud to install technically sophisticated components in its comparatively small products – developed in-house, some of them produced in the company's own foundry and assembled in the market-wide factory. The goal: maximum safety for the user.

GOK develops, produces and assembles

50 years ago, two entrepreneurs founded the company in north rhine-westphalia, settled in ochsenfurt a year later, and eight years later moved to a vacant commercial site in marktbreit. Today, the kleine family business employs 332 people and is preparing to move into its third generation. Because the owner dieter kleine wants to hand over the management of the company to his daughter evelyn in the next few years.

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Better financial situation – fewer blood donors

Better financial situation - fewer blood donors

The bavarian red cross (BRK) lakeside luge preparedness team had an annual program to manage that didn’t fluctuate wildly. However, there have been movements in the individual activities and framework conditions in the current year, as wes states in a press release about the annual general meeting.

The preliminary financial report from the head of the on-call team, sven hildebrand, turned out to be pleasing. For the stands at markten in rodelsee, the bottom line was 3200 euro. Further income for the protection of events contributed to the fact that the readiness this year with a four-digit cash plus will remain. This will facilitate the acquisition of a battery-powered suction pump and the further renovation of the on-call depot in the coming year. Meanwhile, the number of blood donated is declining. While 219 blood donors were registered last year, the 200 mark will probably not be reached this year. As hildebrand summed up, the rescue team currently has 40 members, 23 of whom are active and ten of whom are in the rapid response transport group.

Hildebrand and karsten droll, the head of the district rescue team, honored three deserving members: johann eberhardt, norbert bommersheim (both 50 years of membership) and michael bayer (30 years). Johann eberhart took over management duties at an early stage and was on-call manager for twelve years. His mainstay was also the youth red cross, today he still takes care of the depot and the market. Norbert bommersheim was and is the man for all technical questions, and for decades he took care of the vehicles and equipment of the rodelsee sanitary unit. Michael bayer was one of the last rescue service volunteers to take on shifts at the wiesentheid site for the rescue service. Its focus is on training.

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Some woods magic in comeback in florida

Some woods magic in comeback in florida

It almost seemed as if tiger woods’ serious car accident in los angeles almost ten months ago had never happened. When he and his twelve-year-old son charlie played eleven birdies in a row on the second day, a small golf championship was even within reach – but john daly and his son were two strokes better in the end.

Woods nevertheless grinned more broadly than ever before as the runner-up at the award ceremony – and was not shy about emphasizing how far he still was from playing golf at the highest level. "Even a few weeks ago, it was not clear whether we would have this opportunity," said the 15-time major winner. "And yet here we are and we’ve had a great time."

He has not yet been able to put full weight on his right leg, which was broken several times in the accident, and the speed of his golf swing is not nearly as fast as it used to be. "I made two or three good hits today that went exactly the way i wanted them to," woods said on saturday. He also still lacks a lot of stamina.

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Nsabel eavesdropped diplomats and reporters – thousands of computers infected

Nsabel eavesdropped diplomats and reporters - thousands of computers infected

By the end of this year, there should be at least 85,000 such prepared computers, as the newspaper wrote on saturday on the basis of documents from the fund of the whistleblower edward snowden. The secret service NSA has also developed a system that can automatically control millions of infected computers.

According to a report in the news magazine "der spiegel", the french aube ministry was also spied on. The NSA was particularly interested in the computer network linking embassies, consulates and ministries, the magazine reports, citing an NSA document from june 2010. The NSA is said to have installed bugs in the french missions in washington and at the united nations, and screenshots have been collected in new york.

According to "spiegel," the U.S. Agents were also able to read the internal and especially protected communications of the arab broadcaster al-jazeera. In addition, the NSA has sneaked into the booking system of the russian airline aeroflot, the magazine reported, citing documents of the discloser snowden. Specifically, the magazine referred to an NSA document from march 2006. Al-jazeera, headquartered in qatar, has also been broadcasting audio and video messages from the leadership of the terrorist organization al-qaeda for more than a decade.

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