Nudlingen senior housing complex: the first tenants have arrived

Nudlingen senior housing complex: the first tenants have arrived

Only three days after the building permit was issued, excavation work began at the beginning of august last year for the construction of the nudlingen senior citizens’ residential complex at umpfig. After 15 months of construction, the first tenants moved in at the beginning of october. At the moment the aubenanlage is still being prepared and gardened.

"It took a lot of effort to build", investor gunnar hiller (hiller immobilienservice KG, niederwerrn) looks back on the past year. For a short time, construction even had to be interrupted due to archaeological investigations. "Despite this delay, some procurement problems and well-known capacity bottlenecks in the construction industry, our senior housing complex was completed on schedule and, with the exception of two apartments, is fully rented out."

Residents of the senior housing complex: skeptical at first, now enthusiastic

Egon (67) and erika krug (72) were among the first tenants to move in on 1 january, as contractually promised by landlord hiller. October they moved into their 75-square-meter three-bedroom apartment. Three months earlier, they had taken a look at the building shell and at that time did not really want to believe in the promised date of moving in. "I was an electrician in the construction industry for 50 years. I know how it often goes", egon krug was skeptical at first. The joy over the punctual completion was all the greater. "What mr. Hiller has put here is really sensational", former saleswoman erika krug can hardly contain her enthusiasm. "The apartment is a dream for us."

You had found the object during your search for an apartment on the internet. They had lived for three years in hungary in a bungalow with a garden on lake platten, where the couple from wertheim (baden-wurttemberg) had already had a vacation home for many years. But the political situation under prime minister viktor orban and the lack of medical care had prompted her to retreat to germany.

Everything here, from the butcher and baker to the doctor

After they had become aware of the nudlinger housing complex, they took a look on site. "Everything is within fub reach", egon krug sums up their impressions at the time. "Butcher shop, bakery and doctor – all there." It wasn’t just their chance meeting with mayor harald hofmann, but above all the favorable rent of seven euros per square meter that ultimately tipped the scales in the couple’s favor: "we haven’t found an apartment this favorable anywhere else."

"In bad kissingen, you have to reckon with ten or eleven euros", confirms investor hiller. It was important to him to find serious tenants who could afford the rent if necessary, even if one spouse stayed behind alone. The price per square meter is the same for all 34 residential units with balconies, regardless of whether it is one of the 20 three-room apartments, a two-room apartment (56 square meters), four-room apartment (95) or one of the two 120-square-meter penthouse apartments with a roof terrace, one of which is occupied by the married couple ursula (65) and rolf voigtlander (63) from bischofsheim.

Enough space for visitors

"We used to have a living space of 260 square meters with 900 square meters of garden to look after", says wife ursula as the reason for the move. After the heart attack of her husband, who used to be a craftsman, physical rest was now the order of the day. But they didn’t want to limit themselves completely, they wanted to have an additional guest room for the children or other visitors.

The voigtlanders had also found the offer of the company hiller on the internet. Above all, ursula did not want to always have to drive past it after selling her bischofsheim present and therefore move a little further away, which is why the choice fell on nudlingen. She already knew the place, because she used to work as a retail saleswoman in bad kissingen.

Beautiful surroundings for hiking

"We like to walk, and nudlingen has a beautiful environment." Furthermore, his husband rolf is happy to be able to pursue his hobby on the nearby golf course in bad kissingen. The two "young seniors" have made the decision to move into the senior housing complex quite deliberately taken: "also we become old. If one of us stays behind alone, he can move to a smaller apartment. We were particularly impressed by the integrated day care center in the building."

The rooms for the integrated day care with a total area of 370 square meters are located on the back side of the basement. The main tenant of these rooms is the municipality, which however immediately sublet them to the nudlinger care service flip of vanessa and justin onstad. In this way, the community does not incur any costs, but as the main tenant, it retains responsibility for the proper operation of the facility. The day care and the associated outpatient care service are of course open not only to the tenants of the residential complex, but to all residents of the community of nudlingen and its surroundings.

Space for parties, e-cars and mobile homes

With the integrated additional offer of day care and outpatient nursing service, the senior housing complex at the umpfig offers, according to the conviction of investor and landlord gunnar hiller, all the prerequisites for being able to live independently and autonomously in one’s own apartment even in old age. For smaller celebrations, the tenants also have access to a 30-square-meter community room. Since today’s seniors remain mobile even in old age, there are not only sufficient parking spaces for cars and ten garages with charging stations for electric cars, but even five in-house parking spaces for mobile homes.

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