Noise barrier for the coburg education center

Noise barrier for the coburg education center

From a climbing mat to a trampoline, a climbing frame and a basketball hoop to a construction wagon and a series of raised beds, there will be everything a child’s heart could desire. The plans for the playground and the playground of the future education center in the luther school are ready. At its meeting on wednesday, the building and environment senate unanimously voted in favor of the proposal by sandro schaffner of RPS freiraum gmbh. Cost: 868862,06 euro. There was no discussion about this.

Quite the opposite of the larmschutzwand "a difficult topic", how conductor uberleitet. Background: the traffic noise from the viktoriastrabe affects the children to an unacceptable decibel level. For this reason, experts recommend erecting a noise barrier 2.50 meters high along the road and additionally across at the northern end.

Katja fub, the current provisional director of the children’s house, explained that it is above all the smallest children who need to learn to listen, which is a prerequisite for good language development.

While barbara kammerscheid (SBC) and wolfgang weib (die grunen) shared the view and put the protection of the children first, max beiersdorf (CSU) doubted that the raven alarm was louder than the children themselves. Peter kammerscheid (pro coburg) also disliked the idea of such a high, green wooden wall: "we are talking about urban development and design here. I would not like to be told later what kind of wall we have built there." Hans weberpals (CSB) sees the wall as a threat to small children, but barbara kammerscheid argued against this: "children feel comfortable in limited spaces and structures. The wall can be designed with blackboard paint or even be available as a sprayer surface."

The wall will hardly be visible anyway, since the 4.50 meter wide grass strip between the viktoriastrabe and the wall is to be densely planted.

Nevertheless, it did not come to a vote, because it is unclear to what extent the government of upper franconia will make such a protective wall a requirement at all – and to what extent. At petra schneider’s suggestion, it is to be examined whether the wall in the direction of the monument may only have to be 1.50 meters high.

In order to be able to work further and to calculate more concretely, the administration wanted a decision to be made. But mayor birgit weber doesn’t want to be put under pressure. The open questions will now first be clarified, consultation with the government of upper franconia will take place, and finally a vote will be taken in the construction and environment senate.

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