Master of the rooty siedwarscht in reichenbach

Master of the rooty siedwarscht in reichenbach

Since early 3 o'clock bertram schuster is already on his feet. He makes behind-the-scenes preparations for the reichenbacher kerwa with many volunteers. Because it's not only about celebrating the consecration of the church on sunday with a festive service, but also about physical pleasures. And the people of reichenbach make a special effort, because they "wurschten" and still cook themselves.

"I am a master butcher, but for me it is really a hobby. My main job is as a salesman and I sell machines. We sausage ourselves – that's something special", says schuster, visibly enjoying himself. The fine mixture for the sausages is already pouring out of the cutter. There is steam in the butcher's shop, an aromatic smell of fresh meat in the air. "Now we have to add salt and pepper and spices, especially marjoram", reveals schuster, tells schuster and adds the ingredients by the shovelful.

The quantities are a secret
How much of each is the secret of bertram schuster. But he does not spare. "The sausages and the liver sausages for the kerwa must taste hearty and rooty." He knows the taste of reichenbacher.
He mixes everything together into a homogeneous mass with vigorous movements of the stove. The spices must be fine and well distributed.

And already schuster reaches for a bucket in which natural casings are soaked. With a few skilful movements, he sculpts the gossamer over the filler neck of the filling machine. Simply fill in the basic dough – and meter-long sausages spill out of the machine.
"They are then split with a clip. "We used to tie them. It looks heftier, but the clips are more hygienic. And it is also faster. I am alone", says schuster and laughs. In no time at all a whole crate is full of boiled sausages. "They must already be coarse. Because there has to be something on the plates for the kerwa." Meanwhile schuster opens a cauldron in the butcher's room. Everything that belongs to a slaughterhouse is steaming in it: head meat, pig's ears, snout. "We prepare everything a day in advance. On thursday evening it goes then off."

Onions and brockerla
In the butcher's house are naturally also women at work. Anni reuther and manuela lindner peel and chop heaps of onions, shred female bread into small pieces. "These are the "brockerla, explains anni reuther. They belong in the reichenbacher klobe – not only for the taste, but also to ensure that the klobe is cooked through better. The brockers ensure that the heat is evenly distributed in the clergy.

New helpers are already trickling in. Meanwhile, another team is sprucing up the burschenheim – from the ground up. "The windows still need to be cleaned", carolin gareis (22) sets the tone and reveals that she has not cleared away some cobwebs. Firstly, because she is not the roughest, but mainly because she does not like spinning very much. The 22-year-old occupational therapist, who is chairwoman of the boys' association and is also completing her dual studies in regensburg, is already at the forefront for the third time and is pleased that everyone in reichenbach is helping out so enthusiastically. And if someone really can't make it, he sends a substitute – the mother, for example. The kerwa is always a high point for paving.

The members of the boys' club have robert the kitchen and redesigned the building with a lot of commitment. The new edition looks good, everyone is happy with their work.

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