Kitzingen rescuer: act instead of twitching his cell phone

Kitzingen rescuer: act instead of twitching his cell phone

He won’t give his name. He did nothing to the matter. He still wants to report on what he did. Because he hopes that there will be imitators. Acting instead of watching could be the motto. Saving lives instead of shooting videos.

It was sunday noon when helmut W. (name invented) drove to kitzingen from the direction of mainbernheim with his wife and her mother. Shortly before entering the traffic circle, he looked out of the right side window and was astonished: smoke was coming out of the window of a multi-family house. No trace of the rescue services or the fire department. Helmut W. Didn’t pull out: he took the first exit and turned into max-planck-strabe.

"I guess it was intuition," he says on the phone two days later. The self-employed carpenter from the district of kitzingen arrived just in time. A man appeared at the window, holding a small child in his arms. It was about five meters from the second floor to the ground. "Luckily i’m rough and strong," says helmut W. And has to laugh. He signaled to the man that he was going to pick up the child. "He held it out the window by its arms and let it go," helmut W remembers. Around two meters of free fall. Then the one and a half year old child landed in his arms.

"I immediately gave it to my wife and her mother," he recalls. For the lost father appeared again at the window. A second child in her arms. Again, helmut W. Safely picked up, right after that the third child came already.

Meanwhile, the smoke became denser and denser and some onlookers had arrived. Did someone call the fire department? Or the police? "I can’t say for sure," says helmut W. What he saw: almost everybody had his cell phone in his hand and was filming. Even then, when the man was holding his wife out of the window and falling down dear. "I was still able to catch her quite well," remembers the carpenter. The man himself, who was the last one to jump out of the window, could not quite hold on any longer. "I must have torn something in the joint of my thumb," says helmut W. Two days later. He still has to write the accident report.

On sunday afternoon he did not think twice, but acted boldly. There are three other apartments in the house. No one could answer him if all the residents were already out in the open. "So I went in and banged on the apartment doors and rang the bell."Most of the residents had not even noticed the smoke developing on the second floor.

When helmut W. When they came up for air again, the fire department and police were still not on the scene. "I asked around if anyone had called 112," he recalls. "They all just stood there and filmed it. I have become a little louder."

When the fire departments from kitzingen and sickershausen finally arrived on the scene with numerous firefighters, they quickly had the fire under control. The family and the 50-year-old rescuer were given medical care on the spot by the rescue service. They had suffered a slight smoke poisoning. The mother stayed with her children for one night in a clinic for observation.

The fire investigators found out that the fire had started in one of the children’s rooms. The exact cause is now the subject of further investigation by the wurzburg police. According to rough estimates, the damage will be in the five-digit range. The police prasidium unterfranken expresses its thanks in its press release for the prudent action of the first responder, but at the same time points out not to put yourself in danger in such a situation. Helmut W. Woman that. "But in such a moment one does not think, but runs and acts."At least he did that – while most of the others just stood there and filmed.

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