Industry calls for relaxation of bureaucratic deadlines

Industry calls for relaxation of bureaucratic deadlines

"Even in normal times, companies can hardly cope with the numerous reporting, inspection and notification requirements," the deputy chief executive of the german chamber of industry and commerce (DIHK), achim dercks, told the newspaper "welt am sonntag". "In the current crisis, they can hardly be done if the politicians stick to the rigid deadlines for handing them in."

So the industry warns that tax, contribution or fee refunds could be forfeited, large bub fines imposed or investment licenses lapsed if companies miss government deadlines. However, the corona crisis prevented the timely processing, dercks said. There was a lack of employees to take care of these tasks.

The exemption from the EEG surcharge for energy-intensive companies alone amounts to a total of 5.5 billion euros – and is forfeited without a timely application, said dercks. The federal government must therefore "reach a general agreement with the federal states on the general non-application or postponement of the deadlines for information and reporting obligations of companies".

The federal ministry of economics emphasized that "in the energy industry in particular, a number of important decisions have already been taken to remedy the special situation in an unburocratic manner." The authority is in close exchange with the economy, thereby it is also examined, with which procedures there are special burdens. In addition, he says, the ministry has launched an advisory demand aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

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