Hot music in the hayest city in germany

hot music in the hayest city in germany

Best summer weather, great music, a full place at the old mainbrucke: apparently kitzingen can really do it, at least as far as music festivals with former roughs from the city are concerned. The evening with four cult bands from earlier days on the former garden show grounds was a great success with over 2500 visitors and great music, not only for the organizers frank gimperlein and walter vierrether. Until one o'clock in the morning the visitors celebrated at the mainufer.

Grandchildren grooving in the audience

All in all, the bar was banging for more than seven hours at the open air, which became a kind of kitzingen classics meeting, not only for the musicians. Many people, who probably already danced to the music of the various bands in the 70s, 80s or 90s, listened to the sounds of the bands, partly in remembrance of those days. Many young people joined in to make the most of the glorious summer evening. Some of the musicians were even allowed to see their grandchildren grooving along in the audience.

After the success with the "wild times" in 2010 and another edition in 2013, walter vierrether had made contact with the bands again. The former court councillor admitted that it was a lot of fun for him to organize such a thing, now that he has more time for it as a pensioner. The selected music program was well received. "We wanted to put different styles together", he said about the groups.

A new pair of shoes for the gig

The X-rays, a formation around peter lorenz, started the show by performing together again in kitzingen after a long time. The former school band from the AKG had their repertoire from the 80s, plus newer in the program. "When walter asked us in january if we wanted to take part, it was clear to us right away that we would do it. It's true, there are a lot of old acquaintances here in the audience that you meet once again," said peter lorenz after the performance.

The hemlocks, who were second on the rough stage, didn't want to come down, so much fun it was for the older guys. Klaus hentzschel was later even on stage with his nine-year-old granddaughter, who was allowed to try her hand at percussion. Sanger hermann grimm had again bought a new pair of shoes for the performance, a ritual, as he said. The limelight fever, which the older men still have beforehand, quickly cursed itself. Gloria from the doors started their program, which brought great music from the 60s. (I can't get no) satisfaction by the rolling stones was the fitting closing number.

Strong performance by the illegals

The formation cloud 7 around karl-heinz thiergartner followed, who interspersed their broad, rocky-poppy repertoire with udo lindenberg, spliff or the spider murphy gang. Spatestens at their numbers of kool& the gang was grooving hard in the audience. More and more people flocked to the land to join in the celebration.

The high point should follow at the very end, when the illegals went on stage around 11 pm and put on a strong performance. Their saxophonist kit kiesel was already in good spirits beforehand. "That fits super! Kitzingen is the hayest town in germany, reggae is the hayest music."Just as it happened, not only the illegals benefited from the overall great sound. Their groovy reggae with stefan roder as a singer showed the troupe at one of their now rare performances their joy in music and their skills.

Music and atmosphere are top

The open ar was very well received by the audience, which gave it a lot of praise. "It's great, we're totally thrilled! The music and the atmosphere is top. It's very gratifying that kitzingen is getting something like this off the ground," said gunter wirsing, expressing what many people were probably thinking that evening. Somewhat younger, but just as taken with it, was timo niebler, who not only liked cloud 7. "It's really cool! I'm here because of the illegals, they can get so old and they're still the best."

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