“Holzart” must make way for schweighofer

It was planned to present the wooden sculptures of the international art project "holzart XXI" to show until the end of october at the entrance to the rosenberg fortress. Numerous feedbacks have confirmed to the initiator ingo cesaro that the invited sculptors have not only maintained the quality, but have even increased it for this year’s number twenty-one.

Sculptures, such as "donar’s slate vertebrae by daniel amadeus michel, a combination of oak and slate, are highlights of the exhibition. He has combined two important former sources of income from the frankenwald, the timber industry and the slate industry, in his sculpture.

Prize winner jolanta switajski

Or this year’s prize winner of the 8. "Holzart"-the winner of the first prize, jolanta switajski (poland/eczech republic), with her two sculptures "noiseless – created in front of the forestry company nordhalben – and "convivial – created in front of the multi-purpose hall near the weibenbrunn town hall. Both groups of figures were made from one oak trunk. The prize was sponsored for the eighth time by the KMW foundation marktrodach. These sculptures alone, ranging from the abstract to the representational, show a cross-section of contemporary wood art.

Nevertheless, they now have to be dismantled again earlier than planned. The reason for this is a film team around the well-known german actor matthias schweighofer, who used kronach as a backdrop for the film "resistance" wants to use.

Kronach is put in a bit of a state of emergency in the process. It is inevitable that certain restrictions will also be necessary in the open-air exhibition area at the entrance to the rosenberg fortress.

As agreed with the event organizers of the lucas cranach city and the fortress administration, the duration of the exhibition will be shortened accordingly and the result exhibition "holzart XXI" will be presented dismantled in time for filming.

Last exists on sunday, 7. October, the opportunity to see for yourself the quality of this year’s wooden sculptures.

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