Hoffenheim turnaround for the better

Hoffenheim turnaround for the better

Pithy slogans and self-promotion are a thing of the past. With hard work, meticulousness and skill, markus gisdol is turning TSG 1899 hoffenheim around for success.

The coach and his players turn around in the league after the fall from the fubball-bundesliga was prevented in the relegation round. "We will not spit any slogans, no coarse tone. If we can manage to play a carefree season, that would be great," said the 44-year-old modestly. The first games, especially the impressive 5:1 win at hamburger SV, have raised hopes for higher goals.

One of the goals of the ambitious coach is to please the people of hoffenheim. After the disastrous past season, it is finally a joy to be able to continue to play in the big league. "We enjoy every game," gisdol emphasized. Resting is not his style. "There is still a lot to improve. For the necessary development steps we still need time. But what we’re delivering at the moment is the level we wanted to be at."

Chaos reigned in the tranquil town of kraichgau when gisdol was handed the reigns on 2. April took over as coach. The aub representation was as bad as the table position. The rescue with a collection of above-average players, but no functioning team already resembled a miracle. Together with the head of professional soccer, alexander rosen, gisdol cleaned out the squad during the summer break, because the slimmed-down squad did not allow for first-league training.

The banishment of former national players such as tim wiese, tobias weis, matthieu delpierre and eren derdiyok to the so-called training group two made headlines. Everything is correct in terms of labor law, the club offers qualified training to those who have been dismissed. The topic smolders however in the surrounding field further. Everyone who has signed by the end of the transfer period on 2. September can be conveyed calms the discussion.

Gisdol can work in peace with the squad he has put together. Roberto firmino benefited from this like no other. "I am like liberated. I haven’t felt this good in a long time," confessed the brazilian noble technician, who has been based in kraichgau since 2011. Dissatisfied firmino sneaks around the pitch in the preseason. "Now i feel like i’ve really arrived," the 21-year-old said, letting goals and actions do the talking. Clubs from abroad are courting him, who was only too happy to play for his home country at the 2014 world cup. "We won’t let him go. That’s official," rosen put a stop to a transfer.

Gisdol pushes the brazilian to high performance in a functioning system. "With us, one little wheel has to mesh with the other, then the individualist can also shine." Newcomer anthony modeste, who scored three of hoffenheim’s seven goals, is one of them. "He is incredibly committed to the team," praised the 1899 coach. Gisdol refuses to be dazzled by current success. "I still expect the road to be rocky."

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