Gok anniversary: 50 years of control, regulation and help

Gok anniversary: 50 years of control, regulation and help

There are companies that hardly anyone knows about, even though their products are used on an almost daily basis. One such case is the market-wide GOK gmbh and co. KG. Their products ensure that users of oil and gas systems can safely use the combustible materials – whether at home in the tank and in the burner, whether during leisure time on the gas grill or on vacation in the mobile home.

GOK manufactures controllers and valves that control, monitor and, above all, safeguard the relevant plants. GOK is proud to install technically sophisticated components in its comparatively small products – developed in-house, some of them produced in the company's own foundry and assembled in the market-wide factory. The goal: maximum safety for the user.

GOK develops, produces and assembles

50 years ago, two entrepreneurs founded the company in north rhine-westphalia, settled in ochsenfurt a year later, and eight years later moved to a vacant commercial site in marktbreit. Today, the kleine family business employs 332 people and is preparing to move into its third generation. Because the owner dieter kleine wants to hand over the management of the company to his daughter evelyn in the next few years.

Change in the company management

Family business has its own history. And so is GOK's unique one. While dieter kleine still had to fight to continue the business after his father's death, his daughter evelyn initially took a completely different direction: after graduating from high school, she studied childhood education and works part-time in an after-school care center in nurnberg.

"My father never put me under pressure to take over the company."That's why evelyn kleine first pursued other professional interests. In the meantime, the decision was made not to leave the family business to its own devices. "I decided to join the company with a full heart and a clear conscience," she says. She is currently working her way into the company's various departments, also on a part-time basis, with a view to moving to GOK from september onwards. Her goal: to become the head of a company with a management team.

Proud of the daughter

Dieter kleine would not be a father if he were not happy and proud that his only child wants to follow in his footsteps, even if, in his own words, he did not influence this. And with him, the workforce is pleased that the values lived in the company are to continue to have continuity. A possible sale of the company would have been associated with numerous uncertainties.

Profiting from the economic upswing

The upcoming generation change is also timely because GOK has been storming from record to record for years: the booming leisure industry is having an impact on the company's development, so that the 40-million-euro mark is expected to be cracked in the course of the year. Because GOK sells the majority of its products in germany, the company is benefiting from the economic upswing in the country: end customers are investing in leisure products such as gas barbecues, caravans and mobile homes. And there is always something to arrange – with parts from GOK.

More work, more employees

For the first time in the company's 50-year history, production has been increased to two shifts a day. But that is by no means enough. In the past two years, GOK has taken on 89 employees, including refugees, who – as long as they learn the german language – can be easily integrated. Part of the company's strategy is also to increasingly replace manual labor with automation. Not to cut back on employees, but to keep pace with the rising order situation.

Anniversary celebrations in 2018

GOK celebrates its 50th anniversary several times over: on tuesday, a ceremony was held in the marktbreit town hall hall hall. To mark the occasion, GOK owner dieter kleine has donated a total of 50,000 euros to five organizations in the region. The kitzinger land clinic has used its 10,000 euros to buy an ergometer, and the BRK district association has bought a vehicle for its motorcycle squad. Lebenshilfe kitzingen will invest in an exercise course for the disabled. The marktbreit fire department wants to use the money to complete its equipment, and the forderverein spital-ehrenhof ochsenfurt will use the donation for the renovation of the cultural building.

The recipients, as well as district administrator tamara bischof and mayor erich hegwein, expressed their gratitude for the generosity of the entrepreneurial family. GOK regularly donates to social, cultural and educational institutions in the area where the company is located.

Thanks to the employees

With the company's own employees, who, according to the top management, not only have a share in the company's success but also have to cope with the burden of production peaks, they want to "let it rip at the christmas party," as the kleine family said. A family business like GOK thinks about that, too.

GOK gmbh& co. KG

The market wide company GOK regler- und armaturen-gesellschaft mbh& co. KG celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. It was founded in hennef (north rhine-westphalia) by the two entrepreneurs josef gottfried and karl-heinz kleine. The company name is derived from the initials of their surnames. In 1969 the company moved to ochsenfurt, in 1977 it relocated to marktbreit.

Today GOK is owned in the second generation by the son of karl-heinz kleine, dieter kleine (61). He runs the company together with the other managing director gerald unger. In the meantime, the third generation is working its way into the company management with little daughter evelyn (27). It intends to take over the management in the coming years.

The company's products can be found in the everyday lives of many consumers: GOK builds regulators and valves for oil and gas systems, such as those found in heating systems and tanks. Demand is currently particularly high for regulators for gas grills and gas systems for camping vehicles.

Since 2014, operating results have rushed from record to record. In 2017, gork generated sales of 37.5 million euros; in 2018, the figure will be well over 40 million euros, gerald unger, the company's managing director, predicted in his company presentation. 78 percent of its sales are generated in germany. The export goes to about 50 countries. Europe has a share of 95 percent in it.

332 employees work at GOK in marktbreit, 225 of them in production, 95 in the commercial area and a further twelve are trainees. In addition to the parent company, there are two sales companies in vienna (austria) and in ostrow wielkopolski (poland). 

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