Fur kulmbach are two recorders enough

Fur kulmbach are two recorders enough

Too few parksunders are written up in kulmbach? Are sidewalks and bike paths constantly parked up? Are there any instructions not to write down parkunder? The grunen in the city council think: yes.

The city council majority of CSU, WGK and FPD, however, saw things differently and on thursday rejected the greens' proposal to increase the city's traffic control staff from two to three people. "We are doing well with the practice we have followed so far, declared upper burg minister henry schramm (CSU).

Volker wack (GOL) justified the motion with the fact that sidewalks and bike paths are very often parked over. It was particularly bad in the kres senstein/holzmarkt area. "There seems to be an instruction not to write it down", he said: "wild parking in the city has increased"." He called for a third recorder again, as in the days of OB inge aures. The one position has not been filled since the employee's retirement. This does not result in higher costs for the city treasury: the monitoring service is self-financing.

"Not a good advertisement for kulmbach"
Thomas nagel (FDP) calculated that one man additionally – with personnel costs of 70.000 euro – 32 parking tickets per day had to be issued to finance his job. "More penalties are not good advertising for kulmbach", he said "and the car-hostile inner city would be the death of the retail trade." He spoke in favor of a "burger-friendly parking with fingertip feeling" from.

Michael pfitzner (CSU) also objected to rip-offs in the city center. It makes sense, he says, to target staff when there are grievances. The proposal of the green "gives only displeasure and arger", said klaus-herrmann hofmann (WGK). The current "moderate system make sure people come to town. Support signaled only the SPD. "Anyone who parks in contravention of traffic regulations should be written up", said ingo lehmann.

In response to a question from the SPD parliamentary group spokesman, schramm admitted that the city's revenues had increased by 100.000 euros have been lost "nevertheless, i am satisfied". According to OB, the retail trade also buries the current regulation and "the good cooperation", since the traffic surveillance employees even come into the stores and ask customers to drive away before they write down. Schramm: "but we always intervene where rescue routes are blocked or where there are obstructions."

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