Fuchsstadt with euphoria against rollbach

Fuchsstadt with euphoria against rollbach

FC fuchsstadt – tus rollbach (saturday, 4 p.M.)
fuchsstadt coach martin halbig was very satisfied with the 2:2 draw at the opening game against favored SV euerbach/kutzberg. Now the coal miners want to follow up with a win in their first home game of the season against tus rollbach.

"But that won’t be easy, says the trainer. "On the one hand, rollbach is a strong and very disciplined team; on the other hand, the guests won 3:1 at our place last season, and fully deserved it".

In fact, according to halbig, alberto carneiro’s men put on a league-ready performance. "The fact that rollbach had to tremble until the last moment to stay in the league was due to serious injury-related personnel problems in the middle of the round."

The promoted team impressed in its first year in the national league and continued its run in the first game of the season. In the 1-1 draw against last year’s fifth-placed TG hochberg, the tus players were fierce, compact in midfield and hardly allowed any chances for their opponents.

In the offensive, alexander grimm and the fast till link acted goal-dangerously. The goal, however, was scored by fabian wolf after a standard situation. He already succeeded in this in the preparation games of the ofteren, there the FC cover should have a special eye on him.

The fact that the fuchsstadt defense stood up so well in euerbach despite the absence of marcel plehn and michael emmer surprised their coach himself. Halbig had thrown the aura newcomers tim kolb and lukas baldauf into the deep end. Emmer is available this time.

Nevertheless, the motto against the spessart-elf was the same as in euerbach: to disrupt the opponent’s build-up to the game by pressing early on. And already by the midfielders and attackers. "We want to keep the ball as far away from our sixteen as possible". To then effectively put pressure on the opponent, who reported six newcomers during the summer break, by quickly switching to the other side.

In addition, the coach hopes for loud support from the fans; it is to be expected with a good crowd, many players of neighboring clubs, which are not yet in the game, were allowed to come in.

"The team and I go optimistically into this game, we had sworn in the apron to make the coal mountain again to the fortress; there is a three against roll brook obligation ", demands halbig.

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