From confirmation to confirmation: will the celebrations take place this year??

From confirmation to confirmation: will the celebrations take place this year??

For the churches, too, the measures to contain the corona virus meant drastic changes. Although church services have been allowed to take place again for a few weeks, strict hygiene rules apply here as well. For example, churchgoers must wear mouth-nose protection. But what about first communion, confirmation or confirmation?? When and how it will continue is still uncertain in many congregations in the district of kitzingen.

"We don’t have a schedule for the communion yet," says spockl, says gabi hadek. She is the chairwoman of the parish council of the catholic church in willanzheim, which belongs to the bishopric of bamberg. Her parish does not have to worry about confirmation this year, since it only takes place there every two years. But when and how the first communion will come in willanzheim, hadek can not yet say. "It is not yet possible to foresee what the situation will be like in a few weeks."

Special arrangement: communion in small groups

Peter gottke, pastor of the catholic parish in wiesentheid, which belongs to the bishopric of wurzburg, says the same thing. "There are no definite plans yet." He especially wants to offer his communion children a child-friendly first communion. This is currently not possible under the restrictions – such as the compulsory wearing of masks during church services. "When something changes, according to the parish priest of wiesentheide "we will arrange it with the parents."

A definite decision has been made by the parish community of saint hedwig in the kitzingen region. There will be no first communion or confirmation this year, as pastor gerhard spockl reports. In the churches of saint johannes and saint vinzenz, first communion is planned for the 5th day of the month. April 2021, in the parishes of sulzfeld and biebelried for the 18th day of the month. April. However, under reserve: "of course we do not have a guarantee", says spockl. It depends on the further development of corona. In the same way, confirmation should only take place again next year.

The parish community of saint hedwig also offers an alternative. If there are enough children – at least five to a maximum of 20 – for one date, they can receive their first communion on a sunday of their choice throughout the year. But then the current hyiene and protection decrees apply. So more than the siblings and parents could not attend the service at the moment.

Confirmation will not take place as usual this year either

Similar to communion and confirmation, this year also confirmation will not take place as usual in the protestant churches. "There will be no confirmation here this year", says dean kerstin baderschneider about the situation in the kitzingen city church. The celebration is to take place with the next vintage in 2021. "They want to have a nice party with the children and invite many guests", according to the dean. And that is not possible this year – especially since this year’s cohort of around 30 children is comparatively large.

According to beate kramer, there are only three confirmands in the evangelical parish of abtswind this year. "But we don’t have a firm date yet", says the pastor. Because what actually makes the confirmation special – such as the blessing with the laying on of hands or a communion celebration with singing – cannot yet take place under the current circumstances. "We have to think about what we want with the parents and the children", according to kramer. Talks are currently being held on this subject.

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