Fritz rabenstein has been playing the trumpet for 75 years

Fritz rabenstein has been playing the trumpet for 75 years

It was at the beginning of 1942, in the middle of the second world war, when fritz rabenstein, then 13 years old, discovered his favorite stick horse by chance. The music-loving pastor bartholomaus from hellmitzheim founded a new trombone choir for nenzenheim near markt einersheim. Above all, it was the pupils of the 6th grade who were involved. And 7. All the others had served in the war effort. Rabenstein was not even confirmed at that time. "At the first rehearsal, i couldn’t get a note out," the 88-year-old recalls. Despite these initial difficulties, rabenstein has remained loyal to the choir to this day. He has been playing actively for 75 years – for which he has now been honored.

That makes him happy

Since then, hardly a day goes by without him picking up his trumpet or flugelhorn: "I blow every day, it gives me pleasure," says rabenstein. For the 88-year-old, the trombone choir has always been more than just another hobby. "You have a responsibility. One plays in the most important moments of the people. At baptisms, weddings, funerals – and on church holidays," he explains. For this to work, uben absolutely has to be part of it.

To this day, he has hardly missed any of the weekly rehearsals on friday evenings. "That is important to me," he emphasizes. Also so that he could continue to play almost everything the trombone choir played by heart without notes.

Youth group became more and more rough

But fritz rabenstein doesn’t just play in the trombone choir of nenzenheim, which was founded in 1932. After the end of the second world war, the nenzenheim pastor rudolf had taken over the direction of the choir again from his colleague from the neighboring village, and in 1954 he passed it on to his successor, pastor kruger. The choir flourished, and more and more wind players joined the initially small youth group. "Even those who had returned from the war played along again," remembers fritz rabenstein. In 1960, the 88-year-old took over the leadership of the choir – and kept it for 35 years. During this time, the trumpeter was also the director of the district trombone choir for around 20 years.

Long years of music making honored

That an honor for 75 years of active membership is something special is also confirmed by the association of protestant trombone choirs in bavaria as the umbrella organization of all protestant trombone choirs. However: whether there was already once or whether also other blowers similar jubilees stand in the house, one does not know there. It was not certain that he would live to be 75 at all. For rabenstein has had the eye disease glaucoma for a number of years. "My doctor said I should stop because of the high pressure when playing the trumpet," he recounts. Gruner’s star can get worse due to high intraocular pressure.

Quitting was out of the question

"But I didn’t manage to stop playing," he admits. He loves the unique sound of standing in the middle of the brass section of his trombone choir and belting out a powerful "nun danket alle gott" ("thanks be to all") through the church hall. For fritz rabenstein, music has always been a way of balancing out his job as a farmer and innkeeper, because he could always take a deep breath and relax while making music. He doesn’t know how long he will continue to play. "I set myself a goal," he says with a mischievous undertone: "i don’t set myself a goal. I’ll play as long as I can, and as long as I have the air and the desire."

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