Frg school students experience politics first hand

Sausage, beer and the oktoberfest. These are probably the most common terms that come to mind when tourists think of the bavarian state capital. Like at the end of every school year, members of the friedrich-ruckert-gymnasium ebern were also allowed to be tourists in munich for once. A total of 76 students from the 10. The first grade of the ebern school and six teachers spent two days exploring the city of millions.
The high school students started their excursion on monday with a visit to the german museum, whose focus is on science and technology. This was particularly exciting for the students in the natural sciences class. After a fascinating stay with interesting tours, the next item on the program followed in the afternoon: a cultural-historical city walk.
Since munich is a city rich in history, the teachers from this department had a lot to tell the tenth-graders, whether it was about ludwig I or the history of the city., the special architecture of various buildings or the resistance against the national socialists. This first, summery, hot day ended, as it should for visitors to munich, in the beer garden of the english garden at the famous chinese tower, where people continued to sit together in the evening and look back on their experiences.

Felt like members of the state parliament

On tuesday, the visitors from ebern set off for what was probably the most important event of the excursion: the visit to the bavarian state parliament. The group was received by steffen vogel, who had traveled to munich especially for this purpose.
Steffen vogel, himself once a student at the FRG and now a deputy for the habberge/rhon-grabfeld constituency, showed the students the most important rooms of the state parliament and patiently showed them around his workplace. In the coarse plenary hall with the red seats, the students were allowed to feel like members of the state parliament for a moment.
During the visit, the tenth-graders clearly demonstrated that they are inquisitive and curious. So there were countless questions for vogel, which he answered in detail. Some of the students asked him more about personal matters, others were more interested in his political views.
In the tenth grade, the FRG focuses on the value of democracy, which is why the visit to the state parliament is the most important event in this grade, because it is the first time the students encounter politics directly in practice. You are visiting the place where politics is at home in bavaria. In the coming eleventh school year, they will travel to berlin as early as september to gain an insight into federal politics.
The visit to the state parliament was followed by a short stay in the city and then a visit to FC bayern munich with a tour of the allianz arena or, alternatively, the world of adventure.
Lea weier, class 10a

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