For melissa michael lane is already the winner

for melissa michael lane is already the winner

The whole village seems to revolve around michael lane right now. But he is not even there. But in berlin, where he is now competing in the casting show "the voice of germany" would like to get the victory. Meanwhile, the municipality of weibenohe responds to the growing hype about lane, and prepares the new fire station and community center for public viewing. And michael's friend melissa? It is already fully set for christmas. She decorates the shared apartment with some ornaments and a small tree.

And she has already baked some cookies. But of course her bustle also has a lot to do with michael: "for michael, christmas is the festival of love. He attaches great importance to the presence of his family, to coziness and to loving each other", says melissa. She celebrated the second advent with michael in berlin. When she is not busy with christmas preparations, she does the work and tasks that have suddenly come her way after michael's success. The post also pays his fans. Only last week she took some letters to berlin and gave them to michael there.

Letters from the fans
Now letters have arrived again from four elementary school girls. "Michael, when you sing, it warms my heart or sometimes I even cry when I hear you sing", trust your star and hope very much that he will win.
Melissa herself never doubted michael's victory: "you've already won this", melissa told her boyfriend when he came to the first audition. That's what she felt, she answered her astonished friend. Why? "Because his voice hits the heart, melissa replied.

With the song "mrs. Lawless" michael wrote a declaration of love for melissa. Last week he sang this song live on TV in front of millions of people. Not only with this song he has convinced his fans. On the internet he is a clickkonig far ahead. So the chances for the dorfhauser are not bad.

"I am absolutely convinced that he will win", says mayor rudolf braun, who himself cast at least 50 votes per show for michael. "These votes did not make up the victory. He is just good. He won against gil with an overwhelming majority, a professional who was already considered a winner on television shows like fernsehgarten", brown is happy. Especially michael's calm manner is well received by the people.

At home for christmas
Brown knows michael naturally from the village, not least from the village church fairs. "At that time he preferred to speak english", brown remembers. I'm sure braun never thought of michael as a contestant on "the voice" a few years later to watch on tv and organize a public viewing for him.
When the dorfhausner and other fans are rooting for their star in the final, melissa, michael's aunts, cousins and friends are already back in berlin. At 20.15 o'clock the final begins, in which michael lane will be on stage four times in total. Of course, this time he will again be "mrs. Lawless" sing.

Then the tour of germany will soon begin, regardless of whether michael wins or not. Before that, the star and his girlfriend will have at least a few hours to celebrate their first christmas together.

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