Edmund ulm leads the fate of the market town of igensdorf

Edmund ulm leads the fate of the market town of igensdorf

Edmund ulm appears unobtrusive, almost modest, when the 53-year-old talks about his life on his way to becoming the head of the igensdorf town hall. Let it come to you, participate, observe, take responsibility. The CSU politician takes time to reflect and explain.

"I wasn’t going to do it that way anymore,", looking back, he openly admits his professional career and ambitions. Ulm will die on 3. Born on october 1966, she grew up as the only son on a farm in the igensdorf suburb of dachstadt. His family has a dairy farm, where he has been helping out since he was a child. "In my mind it was clear: one day i would take over the farm", he remembers.

His path seemed preordained. Edmund ulm completes an industrial mechanic apprenticeship at "kugelmuller (today GMN) in nurnberg. He still works at the ball bearing manufacturer today, most recently as deputy workshop manager. Today he reflects: "it never drove me out, because I didn’t really have the time and thought about further education." The rough career change is now imminent: after 37 years with the same company, from 1. May his new job as full-time mayor of the market town of igensdorf.

Edmund ulm has always remained loyal to dachstadt. He takes over his parents’ farm and builds a new home. For some years now, the family has no longer kept dairy cows, but has been engaged exclusively in fruit, arable and forestry farming as a sideline business. The ulm family lives together in a multigenerational house: edmund ulm lives under one roof with his wife heike ulm, their nine-year-old son sebastian and his parents. In addition, there is daughter christina (26), whom heike ulm brought with her from a previous marriage; however, she does not live in dachstadt.

"Like in the country", ulm is active in several associations. He has played soccer for FC stockach for several years, is a member of the volunteer fire department and is chairman of the soldiers’ and comrades’ association in dachstadt.

Politics in his genes

"There is a genetic inheritance for local politics", jokes ulm. His grandfather georg ulm was appointed mayor of dachstadt by the american occupation in 1945, after the nazi mayors were removed from office. His grandfather was the mayor of dachstadt until the territorial reform in 1972. Edmund ulm experiences local politics directly as a child. "The administration was more or less in our living room", says ulm and remembers how his grandfather used to take care of the office business in the morning. "On certain days, you couldn’t go into the living room, because the local council was coming."

In 1972, his grandfather was also a founding member of the igensdorf CSU local association, together with erwin zeib, the long-serving CSU mayor (1972 to 2008) and honorary mayor of the market town.

"Not with all the power

Edmund ulm himself was not in the CSU for many years. It wasn’t until 2008 that he joined the company, when others asked him if he wanted to run for council on the CSU list. At that time, he missed the draft and becomes the first backprinter. When a local councillor resigned in 2010, edmund uim moved up the ladder and has been a member of the igensdorf local council ever since. Two years ago, he had the idea of running for mayor of igensdorf. "To give the burgher a choice", cites ulm as his reason for running. "I have always had the ‘genetics’, but I have let the office come to me a bit and have not jumped forward brashly. I didn’t want it with all my might. It turned out that way", he says.

His first major challenge in office is now to "get the budget in shape" to bring. Igensdorf must adjust water fees and contributions; the municipal supervisory authority is already exerting pressure. "These are political measures that no mayor or city council likes to take," he said, FEMALE. "And we have a huge problem in front of us: the lindelberghalle." After the renovation of the outer shell of the hall, the interior could not be continued, because the costs "run away" and the budget is lacking.

Ideas for igensdorf

Other projects he wants to tackle as mayor: advancing the grafenbergbahn, realizing park-and-ride facilities, or an "obstler trail" establish for the distilleries around igensdorf. He also has a "schwabachtal bike path" in mind before. For this reason, cycle paths had to be closed from erlangen to forchheim. "These were long-term visions."

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