Drummer and stenglein train sv pretzfeld

Drummer and stenglein train sv pretzfeld

It was clear that there would be a change of coach at SV pretzfeld in the summer, as the current coach jorg rosch has long since announced his departure after five years. The 40-year-old wants to take a break. This gave those responsible the opportunity to look for a successor in good time. Now the last team of the fubball-kreisklasse 2 ER/PEG has announced its arrival. It will be a duo again, with the new ones having equal rights, unlike current co-coach volkan gula.

Young (n) coach wanted

The SVP will be taken over – whether for another year in the district or again in the A-class – by 26-year-old ferdinand drummer and 28-year-old andreas stenglein. "We wanted a young coach", says pretzfeld’s game director christian dennerlein. "For the new season, we are getting a lot of youth players in the men’s team and then we need someone who can introduce these talents to the first team", explains the functionary.

The contact to drummer is obvious: he has been living in pretzfeld for two years now. The club already wanted to get him several times in the past years as a player. "After it became clear that jorg was leaving at the end of the season, the pretzfelders contacted me again. This time the question was whether I could imagine being a coach. After five years in weingarts, I was ready for a new challenge", explains drummer, who will be able to ride his bike to training starting this summer.

Stenglein also comes from the DJK weingarts in the second division and is not far from oberehrenbach to the sports ground of the promoted team. "We came to andi through ferdl", betrayal dennerlein. "In talks with the two we were quickly on the same wavelength. In terms of character, they fit in well with our club. They will help us on the field in terms of soccer and can teach our players a lot through their experience," advertises one of the vacation homes, believes the game leader.

Ferdinand drummer was trained in the same way as andreas stenglein in the youth academy of baiersdorfer SV. While the latter came to the fore with countless goals for his hometown club SV gobweinstein, the drummer from dietzhofen went through many high-class stages. Accordingly, he had renowned coaches like michael hutzler at spvgg jahn forchheim and bernd eigner at SV memmelsdorf as well as norbert hofmann and most recently arne schmidt in maigisch. "I have had some good coaches, but I have to say that I learned the most from bernd eigner", reports the 26-year-old. He wants to pass on the knowledge he has absorbed to his future proteges.

SV pretzfeld is four points behind the leaders at the winter break in the last place of the kreisklasse 2 (district class 2). So it may well be that the trainer duo will join the A class. "It would be great if pretzfeld stays in the league. KK2 is super. You can almost compare it to a district league. For novice trainers like us, the A-grade might have been a little easier, to be honest. One way or another – we’ll take it as it comes", says drummer.

The derbies with ebermannstadt, moggast, weilersbach and schlaifhausen – provided they all stay in the league – the new duo would be happy to take them on. If the club fails to stay in the league, direct promotion is on the agenda, but without pressure from the club. "The goal is to stay in the class. With a four-point gap, this one is difficult, but not impossible. But even after a relegation, i’m sure we’ve found exactly the right coaching duo to bring in a new momentum in the a-class", says dennerlein.

Already now the functionary thanks jorg rosch, with whom in the summer the return into the circle class succeeded: "he delivers a bomb job. No matter how the season ends, we will continue to have good contact with him. We are grateful for his work and hope that it will continue with the new duo", says dennerlein. Meanwhile, what will happen to volkan gula is still unclear. The 30-year-old has been co-trainer since 2017.

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