Dresden police break up neo-nazi rally

Dresden police break up neo-Nazi rally

Police in dresden prematurely broke up a demonstration by gerhard ittner, a convicted neo-nazi and holocaust denier.

After several speeches on the post office square, the meeting with initially about 200 participants was broken off because the police considered at least one of the speeches to be incitement of the people.

When demonstrators sang the first verse of the deutschlandlied, as they did in nazi times, police cut off the power to the loudspeaker van. Parallel scenes of turmoil erupted. Several hundred people protested within sight of the right-wing extremists.

Ittner, born 1958, lost control, charged at police officers and shouted at them as "traitors to the people". He was not allowed to speak at the rally because of a pending trial on suspicion of incitement of the people.

After the meeting broke up, he nevertheless addressed the crowd, which by this time had already dwindled to a few dozen loyalists. He called the FRG a "criminal regime," invoked its downfall and threatened the police with retaliation. Police later took ittner to a squad car for questioning.

Last year, ittner, who is originally from france, caused a scandal during a commemoration of the destruction of dresden in the second world war. At the time, he described himself as a "convinced national socialist" and glorified the nazi ideology as a "model for the whole world". According to the dresden prosecutor’s office, ittner received a criminal warrant in august 2017 for incitement of the people, but he did not accept it. The process is still ongoing. He had been banned from speaking at the demonstration he had registered for on saturday.

The anniversary of the destruction of dresden is abused every year by neo-nazis: they extrapolate the number of victims astronomically and label the air raids by british and american bombers as "allied war crimes" without reference to the causes of the war. Resistance rises against this. The authorized marches of neo-nazis are always flanked by numerous counter-demonstrations.

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