Czech photographs show europe as a continent of opportunity

Czech photographs show europe as a continent of opportunity

Europe connects, this was also seen at the vernissage on the occasion of the europatag on thursday. At the academy for new media in langheimer hof, nine members of the czech photo club sokolov present a selection of their work. Under the motto "europe – continent of opportunity are 40 pictures to see, from landscapes, portraits and architecture to nudes.

The motifs give an insight into the cosmopolitanism of the photographers, who have captured their impressions not only in their home country, but also in europe and around the world. The mysterious portico of a monastery, the sleeping man on a bench in front of an imposing brick wall, the erotically seductive body of a woman – the variety is immense.

The viewer often remains standing in front of the individual pictures for a long time, trying to comprehend the artist’s intentions. The path along the wall in the historic building never gets boring. And ludvik erdmann, president of the FOS sokolov, sums it up: "when you see something, capture the moment photographically, it is unrepeatable". This says also the majority of the photos.

Erdmann emphasized the close ties between the photo groups of kulmbach, saalfeld and sokolov "real friendships have developed that are fostered by the organizer manfred strohlein". Thomas nagel, director of studies at the academy for new media, reminded the audience of the value of a free europe, and warned against nationalism and populism. "We citizens are the only ones who can put a stop to these developments through the european elections. Let’s stand up to people who talk about the EU in a derogatory way".

And for city councillor wolfgang brehm, chairman of the "kreiskuratorium tag der deutschen einheit" (district board of trustees for the day of german unification), is the gross value of the EU the peace community. "When i was in the army, i still held the rifle in my hand at the border near selb in case we were attacked". Thank god that time is over. The exhibition is open until saturday, 8. June, open from monday to friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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