Christians celebrate christ’s resurrection in obertrubach

Christians celebrate christ's resurrection in obertrubach

The entire christian community in obertrubach once again celebrated the feast of the resurrection of christ in an impressive manner during the easter vigil. "My god what joy" the youth choir intoned in the sanctuary after pastor werner wolf had lit the easter candle, symbol of the risen christ, at the easter fire and entered the completely dark house of worship together with the approximately 60 altar servers.

Stephan bauer carried the candle and placed it at the altar. For him, an honorary service that he has now performed for the 17th time since his time as an altar boy. Time perceived. The light that had been brought along spread quietly and quickly over the many candles in the crowded nave of the church when pastor wolf concluded the service with the readings from the old testament and the history of salvation with the "gloria in excelsis deo the good news announced.

When richard mager and his organ, which had to remain silent during the two days of mourning, once again powerfully joined in the hallelujah, the st. Laurentius church in bright light. The following celebration of the service was impressive: the schola alternated in their appealing contributions with the youth brass band on the gallery under the direction of johann raum, the playing of the organ and the singing of the believers. This radiated an atmosphere of joy and christian fellowship that could leave no one untouched. "The resurrection of christ is the all-embracing clasp of our faith", wolf emphasized in his sermon. For christians it means standing up for a fairer world, for other people who need solidarity.

The ceremony, which wolf celebrated with remarkable naturalness, also included klaus and elisabeth singer welcoming their little josefa into the community through baptism. Traditionally, at the end of the resurrection service, pastor wolf blessed the food that people had brought with them, such as eggs, bread and pancakes. The deceased members were not forgotten. After leaving the church, the pastor and many of the faithful went to the nearby cemetery, and many an easter candle remained at the grave of the deceased. In the meeting place this memorable celebration found a worthy conclusion with an agape.

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