China’s communists want to learn from scandals

China's communists want to learn from scandals

The party congress, which only takes place every five years, begins this thursday. He will initiate a generational change in chinese leadership. Vice president xi jinping is to attend the 18. Party congress to take the helm from head of state and party hu jintao (69).

At a preparatory meeting on wednesday, the 59-year-old xi jinping has already been appointed general secretary of the party congress, which will be held until 14. November will last. At the end of their meeting, the 2270 delegates will elect a new central committee. At its first meeting, probably on 15. November is approved the new political office and its powerful standing committee.

There is a fierce tug-of-war around this closest leadership circle. It is not yet known whether the standing committee will have nine or only seven members in the future. There are fears that the conservatives will dominate the new party leadership and that younger economic reformers will not be able to make the leap into the new power structure.

Seven of the current nine members will retire. Only vice president xi jinping and vice premier li keqiang, who is to become the new head of government in march, will remain on the standing committee. In march, xi jinping is also to become the new president. Whether the outgoing hu jintao, like his predecessor jiang zemin, will retain the chairmanship of the military commission for a long time to come and thus exercise supreme command over the armed forces, appeared unclear.

About two-thirds of the old party leadership will leave to make room for the new, "fifth generation" of leaders. In the politburo, 14 of the last 24 members will vacate their chairs for age reasons. Three quarters of the party’s central military commission are replaced. In china, it is not the government but the party leadership that exercises control over the army.

Preparations for this second peaceful transition of power in the history of the people’s republic were overshadowed by the scandal surrounding the toppled top politician bo xilai, who had once been said to have good prospects of ascending to the new leadership. He should be tried for corruption and abuse of office. His wife received a death sentence on probation in august for the murder of a friendly british businessman.

The party congress will hear a report from the disciplinary commission on bo xilai and railroad minister liu zhijun, who was also dismissed for corruption. "Our country is in the midst of a social transition, which is why some areas are susceptible to corruption," party conference speaker cai mingzhao appealed for understanding. "The fight against corruption is a long and complicated task for the party."The discipline commission will present its plans for improving efforts at the party congress.

At the end of his ten-year term, state and party leader hu jintao will open the party congress in the great hall of the people on thursday morning with his annual report.

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