Changes from 1.11.: new at netflix and amazon prime, gaming with google stadia, care in germany

From 1. November 2019 there are again new laws and regulations in germany as well as interesting new releases: we have summarized the already known changes for you and will keep an eye out for regular updates.

Series launches, movies and new seasons at netflix in november

In november, the series and film provider netflix is once again providing us with new seasons of many series:

  • Atypical – season three starts on the 1. November 2019
  • We are the wave – new netflix original starts on 1. November
  • American son – in this film, a couple searches for their son. From 1. November.
  • The end of the F***ing world – season two starts on 5. November 2019
  • She-ra and the rebel princesses – season four launches on 5. November 2019
  • The crown – season three starts on 12. November 2019
  • High seas – season two starts on 22. November 2019
  • The prince of the dragons – season three starts on 22. November 2019
  • Narcos: mexico – season two expected to start in november
  • The last kingdom – season four expected to start in november

Series launches, movies and new seasons on amazon prime in november

Rough netflix competitor amazon is also vying for customers' attention with its video on demand (vod)* offering. In our experience, our competitors always announce their content a little later, which is why we update the list on an ongoing basis.

  • Tom clancy's jack ryan (season 2) – expected start from the 1. November 2019
  • The man in the high castle (season 4) – expected to launch from 15. November 2019

Amazon prime video now free for 30 days

New guidelines for quality assurance in inpatient care

As of 1. November 2019 new guidelines for quality assessment in full inpatient care will come into force. Both the pruffokus and the pruf contents will be changed by the new procedure. A total of 24 new quality aspects are introduced, 21 of which relate to the quality of resident services.

Furthermore, in addition to external quality audits, quality indicators are also selected by the full inpatient care facilities themselves. In external quality audits, they are randomly tested for plausibility.

Online ID function with the oath card

From 01. November citizens of the european union will be able to identify themselves easily and with a high level of confidence online with the new eid card. Thanks to the online ID function, germans living abroad can now also prove their foreign address via the ID card. Unlike the ID card, the eid card is a chip card containing a person's basic data, such as name and address, which can be used to identify oneself digitally in other countries.

Fridays for future calls for fourth global climate strike

Another global climate strike by environmental activists is scheduled to begin on 29. November ahead of world climate conference in chile, to be held 02. December begins, take place. At the third global climate strike on 20. September in germany alone, around 1.4 million people took to the streets and joined forces to save the climate and improve the government's environmental policy. In november, all climate activists are once again called upon to take part in the international strike under the hashtag neustartklima.

Google launches gaming service

The internet giant google launches from the 19. November its streaming service "stadia". This should make it possible to stream your favorite computer games in the best possible resolution to your tv, laptop or tablet – without the need for a powerful computer or console. However, google requires a fast internet connection in order to benefit from the high resolution. All further information can be found on the official website of google.

Rulantica – new water world of europa-park opened

On 32.600 square meters begins in november the spab in the new water world "rulantica" of the europe park. The water world has been given a nordic theme and features nine differently designed areas and 25 different attractions. At the 28. November is opening day and the opportunity is given to secure admission tickets.

Half-year windows 10 update planned

Actually, the new windows 10 update should already be made available at the end of october. Since there were more tests of notes, the new release date of the update will be 12. November treasured. According to microsoft, the update will have the official name "windows 10 november 2019 update" wear.

The update should make windows 10 run faster than before. Furthermore, the half-year update will be delivered for the first time as a cumulative update. This means that the new windows 10 version, like regular updates, will be delivered centrally through the windows update technology.

Also, new features will no longer be released to all windows 10 users at the same time, but will be made available to a small circle first. This has the advantage that, should problems arise, not all users are affected at the same time and the entire half-year update does not have to be stopped, but the relevant functions can simply be switched off.

News for fans of video games

November 2019 also has a lot to offer for video game fans. From the 5. November 2019 red dead redemption 2 can be played on xbox one, PS 4 and windows. The player takes on the role of outlaw arthur morgan. He is on the run throughout the U.S. To avoid being caught by the police. Together with a gang of criminals, arthur commits robberies and thefts to somehow keep his head above water.

On 15. November 2019 fans of the classic video game age of empires can look forward to. The second part offers a visual upgrade, can be played with windows and contains a new expansion called "the last khans". It includes a total of three new campaigns and four new cultures. It can be filled more than 200 hours of gameplay.

Also on 15. November 2019 will see the release of a new story to the famous star wars series. Star wars jedi: fallen order will be available to play on PS4 as well as xbox one and windows. In terms of time, the single-player RPG is located between episodes III and IV. It's all about the young jedi cal kestis, who is on the run from the empire – the dark side of the force has made it its mission to wipe out the order of jedi for good.

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