Cdu and spd in lower saxony separated by just one percentage point

Cdu and spd in lower saxony separated by just one percentage point

The head-to-head race between the SPD and CDU in lower saxony in the polls is getting more and more exciting. About two and a half weeks before the state elections, the social democrats have almost closed the gap on the cdu.

According to a survey by infratest dimap, the CDU currently has 35 percent of the vote, just one percentage point ahead of the SPD (34 percent) led by minister president stephan weil.

Three coalitions are possible, according to the survey commissioned by NDR: a rough coalition of CDU and SPD, a "jamaika" alliance (CDU/green/FDP) or a traffic light alliance (SPD/green/FDP), with which weil could hold on to power.

A new edition of red-green, which he is striving for, currently seems out of reach, even if this constellation once again gets the best rating. The majority of respondents, and a growing number, favor an SPD-led state government. However, even with the left as a further coalition partner, it was not enough to win.

The CDU, led by top candidate bernd althusmann, lost two percentage points compared to a poll published three weeks ago, while the SPD gained the same amount. At 35 percent, the CDU achieved almost exactly the same figure as in the federal election, while the SPD, at 34 percent, was well above the result for lower saxony last sunday (27.4 percent).

According to the survey, the greens (9 percent, down 1 compared to the beginning of september) and the FDP (8 percent, up 2) can firmly expect to enter the state parliament. For the left (5 percent, unchanged) and the afd (6 percent, minus 1), it will be a very difficult election on the 15th. October, on the other hand. In the federal election, the afd received 9.1 percent of the vote in lower saxony.

In a direct duel with althusmann, head of government weil defends his lead: in a direct election, he could expect 48 percent, while his challenger remains far behind with 25 percent. At least althusmann can improve his result by one percentage point, as in the poll published three weeks ago, he had slumped by ten percentage points.

Respondents find head of government weil (58) particularly close to the burghers and likeable. Althusmann (50) gets the best ratings for leadership strength and competence, but is well behind in each of these areas because of his strong performance.

After the 2013 state elections, the SPD and grune had formed a coalition with only a one-vote majority, which broke up in august after a grune deputy switched to the cdu. In 2013, the CDU was once again the strongest parliamentary group with 36 percent of the vote. But it lost so badly at the time that it was not enough for a continuation of the black-yellow coalition, despite the FDP’s best-ever result (9.9 percent) in a state election.

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