Master of the rooty siedwarscht in reichenbach

Master of the rooty siedwarscht in reichenbach

Since early 3 o'clock bertram schuster is already on his feet. He makes behind-the-scenes preparations for the reichenbacher kerwa with many volunteers. Because it's not only about celebrating the consecration of the church on sunday with a festive service, but also about physical pleasures. And the people of reichenbach make a special effort, because they "wurschten" and still cook themselves.

"I am a master butcher, but for me it is really a hobby. My main job is as a salesman and I sell machines. We sausage ourselves – that's something special", says schuster, visibly enjoying himself. The fine mixture for the sausages is already pouring out of the cutter. There is steam in the butcher's shop, an aromatic smell of fresh meat in the air. "Now we have to add salt and pepper and spices, especially marjoram", reveals schuster, tells schuster and adds the ingredients by the shovelful.

The quantities are a secret
How much of each is the secret of bertram schuster. But he does not spare. "The sausages and the liver sausages for the kerwa must taste hearty and rooty." He knows the taste of reichenbacher.
He mixes everything together into a homogeneous mass with vigorous movements of the stove. The spices must be fine and well distributed.

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Nsabel eavesdropped diplomats and reporters – thousands of computers infected

Nsabel eavesdropped diplomats and reporters - thousands of computers infected

By the end of this year, there should be at least 85,000 such prepared computers, as the newspaper wrote on saturday on the basis of documents from the fund of the whistleblower edward snowden. The secret service NSA has also developed a system that can automatically control millions of infected computers.

According to a report in the news magazine "der spiegel", the french aube ministry was also spied on. The NSA was particularly interested in the computer network linking embassies, consulates and ministries, the magazine reports, citing an NSA document from june 2010. The NSA is said to have installed bugs in the french missions in washington and at the united nations, and screenshots have been collected in new york.

According to "spiegel," the U.S. Agents were also able to read the internal and especially protected communications of the arab broadcaster al-jazeera. In addition, the NSA has sneaked into the booking system of the russian airline aeroflot, the magazine reported, citing documents of the discloser snowden. Specifically, the magazine referred to an NSA document from march 2006. Al-jazeera, headquartered in qatar, has also been broadcasting audio and video messages from the leadership of the terrorist organization al-qaeda for more than a decade.

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Art basel is worried about the art market

art basel is worried about the art market

From jeff koons and georg baselitz to a car cleaning system: art basel will once again feature works by stars of the international scene, but also works by young talents, as well as modern classics, more of which can be found in basel than at any other art fair.

Around 2,000 artists will be on display this year at the world’s largest industry fair, with 290 galleries from 34 countries taking part until sunday.

In 2019, art basel will once again demonstrate that it is the fair of the extreme, where the super rich from all over the world come to meet. But something is different this year. Fair boss marc spiegler did not talk about expansion projects before the public opening this thursday (june 13). June), he did not talk about expansion projects and new markets. For the first time the exhibition director spoke of hard times for the art market.

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