Dresden police break up neo-nazi rally

Dresden police break up neo-Nazi rally

Police in dresden prematurely broke up a demonstration by gerhard ittner, a convicted neo-nazi and holocaust denier.

After several speeches on the post office square, the meeting with initially about 200 participants was broken off because the police considered at least one of the speeches to be incitement of the people.

When demonstrators sang the first verse of the deutschlandlied, as they did in nazi times, police cut off the power to the loudspeaker van. Parallel scenes of turmoil erupted. Several hundred people protested within sight of the right-wing extremists.

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China’s communists want to learn from scandals

China's communists want to learn from scandals

The party congress, which only takes place every five years, begins this thursday. He will initiate a generational change in chinese leadership. Vice president xi jinping is to attend the 18. Party congress to take the helm from head of state and party hu jintao (69).

At a preparatory meeting on wednesday, the 59-year-old xi jinping has already been appointed general secretary of the party congress, which will be held until 14. November will last. At the end of their meeting, the 2270 delegates will elect a new central committee. At its first meeting, probably on 15. November is approved the new political office and its powerful standing committee.

There is a fierce tug-of-war around this closest leadership circle. It is not yet known whether the standing committee will have nine or only seven members in the future. There are fears that the conservatives will dominate the new party leadership and that younger economic reformers will not be able to make the leap into the new power structure.

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Biedefeld: the state government neglects swimming pools

In the coburg region, some swimming pools are in need of considerable renovation. This was the result of a question put to the CSU state government by susann biedefeld, an SPD member of the coburg state parliament. Biedefeld mentions in her press release renovation costs of 7.5 million euro for the thermal bath rodach, 500000 euro for the marchenbad neustadt, 450 000 euro for the family bath neustadt and 700 000 euro for the open air bath autenhausen. The waldbad bad rodach also needs to be renovated. However, no remediation costs are mentioned here. "Upper franconia-wide, the expected redevelopment costs thus amount to 93,399,200 euros according to the survey. Bavaria-wide, the figure is 1,027,254,055 euros", it is stated in the notice. In bavaria, 447 bader are in need of rehabilitation, with 53 of them facing closure due to massive deficiencies, he said. Susann biedefeld is shocked by the predicted costs of the refurbishment. "Such a situation is bad. But the fact that we are talking about a billion euros is not only catastrophic, but a scandal." The CSU state government has known for more than half a year how bad the situation is. In january, she had already initiated a corresponding survey with the municipalities. "Although the figures are on the table, the state government lets two supplementary budgets pass without providing a single cent for bayern’s bader", the SPD budget politician grumbles.

"Our batters go swimming"

"CSU rejected our motion for the first supplementary budget calling for swimming pools. What’s more, the finance minister has accused us of dubious financial policies because of a demand for a 25 million euro hard fund, knowing full well that the reorganization backlog amounts to a billion euros", biedefeld continues.

The CSU wants to sweep the issue under the carpet. "But we won’t let that pass. In view of the fact that the projected clean-up costs for the baths, which are acutely threatened with closure, amount to over 150 million euros, we need an immediate program. Our swimming pools are taking a bath. That’s laughable", finds biedefeld.

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