Book market discovers parallel world of self-publishers

Book market discovers parallel world of self-publishers

Monika pfundmeier beams with her little bouquet of sunflowers as if she had won a gold medal at the olympics.

At the frankfurt book fair, the munich native has just received the 10.000 euro self-publishing prize won. It is a historical novel from the middle ages about the last staufer king konradin.

The self-publisher is one of the "strongest voices in contemporary literature," the jury said in justifying the award. The author from bavaria is filled with "a burning desire for literature". Like pfundmeier, more and more writers in the book market are taking their fate into their own hands. Without publishing help, they take care of the design and marketing of their books after the text has been completed.

It’s a strange phenomenon: the number of readers is falling steadily, while at the same time the number of self-published manuscripts is growing. This parallel world has become enormously professionalized in recent years. There is not only a separate association, but also publishers such as book on demand, who support self-publishers. If they want it at all. Even some rough public publishers have created their own platforms within their houses.

"Self-publishing has become a relevant grobe," says markus fertig, spokesman for the marketing company MVB, a subsidiary of the borsenverein des deutschen buchhandels (german booksellers’ association). However, concrete sales and turnover figures are scarce. In order to bring together the self-published and the classic book trade, the MVB offered the prize, which this time was won by pfundmeier. An astonishing number of 1100 bookers have been submitted. There was a long and short list, as with the main german book prize.

The book industry’s umbrella organization also wants to use its commitment to prevent "monopolization tendencies" – and is thus taking a stand against amazon. The U.S. Internet company discovered self-publishing years ago. Authors are then bound to amazon. The books are distributed via the company’s own system, such as the kindle digital platform, and are not available in traditional bookstores.

On thursday, amazon presented the award for the fourth time at the book fair, with a total of 30 prizes.000 euro "kindle storyteller award" awarded – with swimming legend franziska van almsick as one of the judges. Over 1,200 works were chosen. "The scene is getting rougher," says simone forster of amazon publishing. The winner was ella zeiss with her historical family novel "wie graser im wind.

On amazon, authors get 70 percent of the royalties when they sell an e-book, forster says. For monika pfundmeier, selling her printed books in bookstores also brings in more than usual, since as a self-publisher she doesn’t have to pay anything to a publisher. "I like being my own boss," she says.

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