Better financial situation – fewer blood donors

Better financial situation - fewer blood donors

The bavarian red cross (BRK) lakeside luge preparedness team had an annual program to manage that didn’t fluctuate wildly. However, there have been movements in the individual activities and framework conditions in the current year, as wes states in a press release about the annual general meeting.

The preliminary financial report from the head of the on-call team, sven hildebrand, turned out to be pleasing. For the stands at markten in rodelsee, the bottom line was 3200 euro. Further income for the protection of events contributed to the fact that the readiness this year with a four-digit cash plus will remain. This will facilitate the acquisition of a battery-powered suction pump and the further renovation of the on-call depot in the coming year. Meanwhile, the number of blood donated is declining. While 219 blood donors were registered last year, the 200 mark will probably not be reached this year. As hildebrand summed up, the rescue team currently has 40 members, 23 of whom are active and ten of whom are in the rapid response transport group.

Hildebrand and karsten droll, the head of the district rescue team, honored three deserving members: johann eberhardt, norbert bommersheim (both 50 years of membership) and michael bayer (30 years). Johann eberhart took over management duties at an early stage and was on-call manager for twelve years. His mainstay was also the youth red cross, today he still takes care of the depot and the market. Norbert bommersheim was and is the man for all technical questions, and for decades he took care of the vehicles and equipment of the rodelsee sanitary unit. Michael bayer was one of the last rescue service volunteers to take on shifts at the wiesentheid site for the rescue service. Its focus is on training.

In his annual report, sven hildebrand talked about the training of the rapid response vehicle and material group, the early defibrillator repetition training and a doctor’s lecture on the subject of head injuries. In addition, there was a joint exercise with the fehrer plant fire department and the rescue dog squad, renovation work at the depot and participation in the memorial service for national day of mourning. The rescue squad provided sanitary services for other rescue squads and secured events in rodelsee, schwanberg, iphofen and geiselwind.

Along with duty nights, blood donor appointments, rescue services, fundraising, education and training and other operations, the standby members conducted 1738 hours of duty.

Droll praised the rodelseer for their presence in sanitary services at the district level. He also addressed the problems of digital radio, such as the lack of training opportunities for emergency response teams. The federal government’s vehicles are also only suitable to a limited extent for supporting the rescue service, as the black ice wave at the end of january showed. The disaster control units also had to deal with the fact that changed hazard potentials due to attacks can affect the crews. For this purpose, there will be an introductory course this year for the rebel set, which will be kept on every federal vehicle.

"You are on the spot when it is a matter of helping people out of a difficult, threatening situation in and around the town and are indispensable for our many festivities," said mayor burkhard klein in praise of the volunteers. He pointed out that the municipality also supports the rescue team when it comes to replacing equipment and clothing. The readiness team should not be afraid to apply for a grant.

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