Aischgrund carp has found new friends

Aischgrund carp has found new friends

There was carp kir, carp cocktails, carp wraps and carp doner. But that was only one side of the historical-culinary pleasure tour, a premiere organized by the team of the agency karpfenland travel. At the side of city leader monika mennel and with the support of the local association the group got to know the pearl of the aischgrund from its most beautiful side.

Thereby even local people could discover specialities and hidden beauties. In addition to some hochstadters, nine "seasoned" ones also had gentlemen from the leila club from gaubuttelbrunn in lower franconia booked the pleasure tour through hochstadt. They became aware of the adventure tour through the internet. "Senior friendly" one of the participants joked that he had been there.

To say it in advance: everybody was enthusiastic in the end. At the market square, they were poured a welcome drink of karpfenkir – hochstadt sparkling wine with small raspberry carpels. In front of the old town hall the town clerk (pia hackenberg) welcomed the visitors. Under the constant clatter of the storks, the tour continued to the town museum, the former town hall, as monika mennel likes to know. By the way, already the third building on this site, which is home museum since 1993.

From the "carpless coming from lower franconia, the visitors were very interested in the pond economy in the "most important pond area in central europe". Monika mennel and the carp queen barbara I. They were able to answer all the questions.

The hollow in the historic city tower, the only one of the former four towers and seven gates that remains, did us good on this warm summer's day. While the knowledge already acquired was being put to use, sandra hammer, managing director of the karpfenland travel agency, served fish cocktails.

In the castle courtyard, there was an encounter of a special kind: count herrmann von stahleck and his wife gertrude (peter ott and edith jager), once the lords of hohenstete, met today's inquisitive visitors.

The graph gave then still the legend of the "old laugh" beyond the aisch price "where no life thrives". "Only on balmy summer nights can you hear the mockingbirds calling and see the towers of the sunken castle on nights when the moon is full." The wraps filled with carp, arugula and tomatoes, tasted great.

Murder included
It was no less spooky at the fube of the castle hill. A mausoleum erected after a murder, according to the words of monika mennel, gave rise to goose bumps, as did the report on the bones from the swedish war found during excavations.

On 10. In march 1633, the swedes had invaded the town by the church and completely destroyed it. "The massacre took place at the schlossberg", said the driver. And that no distinction was made between friend and foe during burial. The excavated bones were placed in a coffin and buried in the cemetery of heroes.

Through badgasse, which made headlines in recent times because of the flood, we went to the spix museum. The driver had a lot to say about the brazilian researcher from hochstadt, who was very famous in his time. The path then led along the old city wall to the engelgarten. At one time a battlement is said to have crowned the wall. Brewing rights had the hochstadter burghers already had since 1344, he paid them at the kommunbrauhaus. Around 1870, beer consumption must have been enormous: with 283 liters per person per year, the people of hochstadt were higher than the bavarians, who drank 248 liters per year.

Which is actually not surprising, because the cellar hill with 220 cellars specially paid by monika mennel, of which still 140 "usable", is eloquent testimony. Another culinary highlight was already waiting in the kommunbrauhaus: strawberry carp, a delicacy prepared by sandra hammer from cookie dough with cream filling and strawberries. Mirjam wellein shouldered her squeezers and sang a song to the visitors: "der aaschgrund is bekannt, der aaschgrund is schee, mir brauchen ka isar und a kan mee!"

The parish church of saint georg was still missing, where the former parish priest and canon arnold herbig (peter ott) gave an insight into his time at the beginning of the 15th century and the history of the church. Century and the history of the house of worship.
Georg romer and his band were already waiting for the guests at the market fountain. Yes even a dance with the carp queen dared one of the group.

The carp enjoyment tour is to be carried out in as many member communities in the aischgrund as possible. "The trained tour guides have remained loyal to us", said sandra hammer. She was especially happy about the support of the local association. The first night watch tour had also taken place and had been enthusiastically received. Others are buried on 12. July and on 31. August planned.

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