A common safety officer for the alliance communities

Since the introduction of the bavarian e-government law, municipalities have been required to ensure the security of their information technology systems as part of their responsibility for maintaining the system. The law stipulates in detail that appropriate technical and organizational measures must be taken and the necessary information concepts drawn up for this purpose.

Small and medium-sized municipalities in particular are reaching the limits of their capacity and know-how. The mayors and IT managers of "lebensregionplus have therefore been in close contact for more than two years. To raise awareness among employees, workshops were organized and initial steps were taken in the inner circle to draw up the concepts.

Pooling resources, saving costs

"It became quickly and increasingly apparent that the work was overtaxing the administrations", the manager of the alliance "lebensregion plus" declared, ulla schmidt.

"In no town hall of the ILE alliance are there employees who could initiate and implement the resulting mdevelopments – be it structural, technical or legal requirements – beyond the creation of the concepts", rauhenebrach's mayor and spokesman for the "lebensregion plus" alliance, matthias bauerlein, to the point.

"We are pooling our efforts and thus saving costs", agreed with fellow mayor bernhard rub from sand.

Several communities in the intermunicipal alliance "lebensregion plus" will therefore officially go down the same path in the future as part of a cooperation project in maintaining information security in the town halls: knetzgau, oberaurach and sand, as well as the member communities of the ebelsbach administrative community, take the obligation arising from the bavarian e-government act very seriously and have hired a joint information security officer. Since the beginning of october, jochen beckert from ebelsbach has been responsible for the development and implementation of the respective security concepts from his office in the municipality of knetzgau, which has also taken over the project sponsorship.

Grant of 90000 euro

For the five-year project, the state of bavaria is providing a grant of 90,000 euros due to the intermunicipal cooperation. The rest of the personnel and material costs are borne by the participating municipalities in proportion to their number of inhabitants.

The mayors and system managers met this week at the knetzgau town hall for a first joint meeting with the new employee. 

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