40 Paintings return from munich

40 paintings return from munich

For 45 years, the composition of the paintings in the state gallery was not changed. Now the ministry of art has donated 500.000 euros to enable a new presentation of at least the baroque section of the museum. The investment is the result of a joint political initiative by bamberg’s mayor andreas starke (SPD) and science minister wolfgang heubisch (FDP) to make the museum landscape on the cathedral hill more attractive. The money will be used to renovate the baroque rooms, restore the paintings and hang them according to historical models. "This will restore the gallery", martin schawe, state conservator of the bavarian state painting collection, is delighted.

During an on-site visit to the doerner institute, bavarian science minister wolfgang heubisch was also informed about the planned changes for bamberg. In the future, a high-quality selection of a total of 77 baroque paintings from state and city collections will be shown in the collection, which has at times fallen into a kind of dormant sleep. Among them are 40 paintings that came to munich in the course of secularization and are now returning to their old home, as the local chairman of the FDP, martin pohner, emphasizes.

"Many works were in the depot for a long time", explains schawe. The accent will be shifted to the international high baroque. More than 40 paintings, some with original decorative frames, which were made in the early 19th century by the. The paintings that came into the possession of the state from bamberg in the nineteenth century are currently being restored at the doerner institute of the bavarian state painting collections. The paintings will be freed from a layer of dust and thus regain their former brilliance.

Two paintings by johann michael bretschneider (1656-1727) are intended as a prelude to the new tour through the eight baroque rooms of the state gallery. The provenance of the monumental works is not clear. They were first documented in the bamberg residence in 1821. The many pictures that fill the wall of the painting really exist. Bretschneider imitated the handwriting of the various artists. However, he was not always inspired by the originals, but often by graphics.

The paintings, of which only about six are known, give an excellent impression of such a gallery. "This will show visitors what the ideal baroque hanging looks like", explains schawe. Many works will be hung next to each other on the walls. In one room in bamberg, two paintings of the apostles and two landscape paintings will stand opposite each other in a symmetrical arrangement, with a painting by jan van kessel in the center d. A. With garlands of flowers. The pendant is to be placed on the opposite wall in each case. This also illustrates the collecting and presentation habits of the ecclesiastical princes.

In addition to cabinets devoted to dutch still life and landscape painting, sale will feature paintings by rembrandt contemporary jan lievens (1607-1674). "These are the pearls of the gallery!" They originally hung in the corridor of the residence. "Of course, these paintings don’t belong there", emphasizes martin schawe. Another highlight is the work "triumph of the catholic church" of the rubens teacher otto van veen (c. 1556-1629), which will be housed in a small cabinet.

It is not yet certain when the new gallery will actually be opened. Goal is summer of this year. Only when the construction work, which is supervised by the state locksmith administration and the local state building authority, has been completed, will the pictures be put in their final place. For plans to attract the old german gallery in the new residence still lacks money.

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