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16 North Fork Road
Townsend, Montana  59644

The hosts of Montana Horse Country Adventures! are professional horsemen, ranchers, and outfitters.  They enjoy sharing their life with horses with others.  It is their hope that not only will you have a great time while you are their guest, but that you will also learn more about the horse and his capabilities.
Monte & Mary Ellen Schnur have spent over thirty years sharing Montana mountain and ranch experiences with guests from all over the world.   Their seven daughters help out on the cattle drives, pack trips, fishing trips, and hunting trips.  The four older girls, Mary, Donna, Barbara, and Joanna, don't get to help so much anymore, with families of their own to tend to.  The three younger girls, Carolyn, Esther, and Teresa, though pursuing college and careers of their own, still continue to take an active part in wrangling and cooking.  Along the way, wranglers such as Justin, Bric, and Shawn have become part of the summer crew.

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